Destiny 2 Cross-Play Mistakenly Goes Live

Destiny 2 Cross-Play Mistakenly Goes Live Early, Will Be Disabled

Destiny 2 Cross-Play

The Season of the Splicer (otherwise known as Season 14) is currently live. The dispatch hit an obstacle that took the game down for a couple of hours, yet it immediately returned. 

The new season acquaints enormous changes with the framework, alongside revamps to the PvP positions, rebalancing for the balance subclasses, and bunches of different changes.

Bungie is wanting to add cross-play to Destiny 2 soon, however, it looks as though a switch got flipped early. Players have been revealing that they've been utilizing the cross-play include, provoking a reaction from Bungie recognizing the error.

Simply know that Bungie says it is "not an agent of the full insight," so you may hit messes with that it's actually fixing. Bungie says the current cross-play isn't illustrative of the full insight and will be taken down, yet up to that point, you can go ahead and enjoy your experience.

A few players took to Twitter to say they were getting a charge out of the cross-play. One fan requested affirmation, which got a reaction from a lead Cozmo. They expressed that cross-play went up right on time unintentionally, and a fix is coming not long from now that will cripple it once more. Up to that point, however, you can give it a shot. 

Bungie didn't indicate when to anticipate the last arrival of the component. It has recently been expressed that cross-play would be coming in Season 15, which is set to show up at some point in August.

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