How To Get FIFA 22 Early Access - EA Play

Players will get early access to FIFA 22 along with other game modes including Career Mode, and Ultimate Team (FUT) using their EA Play memberships this year as offered by EA SPORTS.

FIFA 22 EA Play Early Access
FIFA 22 EA Play Early Access

Getting your hands on EA Play Early Access right on time as conceivable may be enormous. In addition, EA has offered numerous courses in the past to do as such, and they will keep on doing the same for FIFA 22 ⁠, regardless of the fact that the private beta has been dropped.

Even though guesses are being made that Kylian Mbappe will be playing the primary job for the final time yet we still don't have the foggiest idea of who the cover star will be. With the latest report prone to drop during the EA Play public interview this July, we will get additional information regarding pre-orders and limits.

FIFA 22 EA Play Early Access 10 Hours Free Trial

EA is offering 10 hours of early admittance to every one of their titles through EA Play to selected players. That is the same for FIFA 22. 

The FIFA 22 early access will give you an opportunity to play with a portion of the game's most up-to-date features.

You'll have the option to download the early access customer and play your 10 hours beginning then, at that point. On the off chance that you finish your 10 hours before the dispatch, you'll need to stand by until dispatch to continue to play. To play past then, at that point, you'd have pre-requested or bought the full game.

FIFA 22 Release Date

When does FIFA 22 early access start? As to answer this question, 5 days prior to the dispatch of the game, toward the start of October 2021early access to FIFA 22 will start at 6 PM UK time. 

And as no authoritative declaration has been made regarding the FIFA 22 release date, therefore, you can anticipate that FIFA 22 release date can be around 24th September 2021 to 8th October 2021.

How to get early access to FIFA 22?

Since getting early access to FIFA 22 is a sure event let's have a look at how we can get our hands on the game for a restricted time frame preliminary. Instructions to get early access to FIFA 22 are listed below:

  • Enlist for an EA Play membership.
  • Pre-load FIFA 22.
  • When EA Play early access fires up, open FIFA 22.
  • Enjoy your preliminary.

Battlefield, Madden, and many more are just the beginning of a library of other EA games that EA Play memberships players will be rewarded with alongside 10 hours of access to FIFA 22. Pro Clubs, Career Mode, Ultimate Team, VOLTA Football, and more will be incorporated in early admittance to FIFA 22. We think before the full game dispatches, it is just a last test.

Instructions to pre-load FIFA 22


  • Switch your PS5 console on.
  • Go to the "Games Home" menu.
  • Choose pre-request of FIFA 22 your console.
  • Pre-load the game after waiting for the commencement to lapse.

Xbox Series X|S

  • Switch your Xbox Series X|S console on.
  • On the regulator, tap down the Xbox button.
  • Choose "My Games and Apps."
  • Select your library and afterward choose "All bought games".
  • For Xbox Series X|S, download FIFA 22.

Costs of FIFA 22 EA Play

The costs are £19.99/$29.99/€24.99 for a year or £3.99/$4.99/€3.99 each monthEA Play participation can be purchased yearly or on a month-to-month premise. You can likewise save 10% on pre-requesting FIFA 21 with your EA Play participation.

PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5, and PS4, will give access to the games included in the FIFA arrangement, later in 2021.

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