The Latest Pokemon GO Update Can Cause Seizures

After players tap on a Pokemon, a splendid blaze of light shows up which can be a reason to supposedly trigger seizures in the most recent Pokemon Go update.

Throughout the long term, the Pokémon arrangement always has had some discussion going on and the Pokemon anime being prohibited completely is one of the few occurrences. Maybe the most disturbing, be that as it may, is subsequent to glimmering lights in the episode "Dennō Senshi Porygon", the Pokemon anime which was broadcasted back in December of 1997 in Japan is accounted to have prompted the hospitalization of 685 kids and led to illness in kids directly the nation over. Right around a fourth of a century after the fact, something comparable gives off an impression of being going on with Pokemon GO

On the 11th of June 2021, the most recent discretionary Pokemon GO update had gone live for iOS and Android clients. The main role of the update is to enhance the strikes in Pokémon GO along with changes made in the way the assault accomplishments are carried out. Few modifications are made to interactivity and visuals too and there are a couple of different changes to a great extent as well. 

Sadly, the current Pokemon Go news or rumors suggest that a portion of the individuals who have effectively installed the new update is having some unexpected and conceivably perilous results.

SuddenHelicopter6604, a Reddit client detailed on the site recently to caution different players that while playing the most recent adaptation of Pokemon GO i.e., variant 1.177.0 on iOS or variant 0.211.0 on Android, they had encountered the early admonition indications of a seizure.

Between the player tapping on a Pokemon on their screens and the Pokemon really stacking in is the exact time when the trigger emerges and that is due to a splendid blaze of light. It just goes on for a negligible part of a second, yet this is evidently everything necessary to achieve the beginning phases of a seizure in certain players. Numerous others have also affirmed that they have been seeing this brilliant blaze as well after renewing to the most recent Pokemon GO update while answering the string.

Especially around evening time or in more dark conditions, a few of the individuals experienced epilepsy and had likewise been feeling wiped out in the wake of playing. Niantic is yet to address this issue, however, even the individuals who are not influenced by the issue appear to perceive how genuine it is.

It is conceivable to play the past adaptation of Pokemon GO, which is 1.175.0 on iOS or 0.209.0 on Android for the present, as fortunately, the most recent update isn't yet being constrained on players. And in the event that players have a background marked by epilepsy or seizures and have not updated the latest version of the game, it would maybe be ideal to try not to do as such until the issue has been settled. Some may even choose to stay away from the game altogether for good measure. 

Currently, the pokemon game, Pokemon GO is accessible on iOS and Android.

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