CoD Warzone Ural Mountains Map Leaked

An ongoing interaction film of the unreleased Ural Mountains map that was supposed to be for either Warzone or Blackout 2.0 was uncovered by a gathering of Call of Duty leakers. 

Supplanting Verdansk map with something completely unique, and proceeding onward from it were some of the reports which began to whirl in mid-2021. The guide was really estimated to be a piece of Blackout 2.0 and eventually got rejected after the achievement of Warzone and to this point has never been delivered. And now genuine ongoing interaction has spilled out, however, a couple of pictures have surfaced previously as well. 

Leakers from everywhere began to bits together data about what Raven had up their sleeve which subsequently resulted in the Ural Mountains areas turning into an intriguing issue. A gathering of CoD leakers, Cheezburgerboyz posted an 8-minute long video on the 6th of June, which gave everybody a gander at the alleged Ural Mountains map later in the day. 

Getting plunder very much like you would in the typical battle royale mode, the player goes through the guide in this posted video as well. The recently spilled HUD, which made a few players accept that it wasn't a piece of the current Warzone motor, is likewise present in the video. Sanatorium, Zoo, Mines, and Ruka are some of the diverse spilled areas that are included in this video as well. The advantages and gear that the player gets are just similar to how Blackout used to function, so the video does likewise play into the gossip that instead of Warzone, it was a piece of Blackout 2.0. And just as the tales proposed it may have permitted the engineers to lift the player cap towards 250 as it is an immense guide.

The video is an intriguing glance, however, it's impossible to tell if this guide won't ever come around or be delivered later down the line.

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