Gamora Widowmaker Overwatch skin - Overwatch x Guardians of the Galaxy collaboration

A mind-boggling skin plan has been created by an Overwatch Fan that changes Widowmaker into Gamora from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. 

When Guardians of the Galaxy arrived in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, back in 2014, it went from being a moderately lesser realized comic book establishment to a super blockbuster masterstroke. And as of late, a game was declared at E3 2021, with the third film in the Guardian's arrangement presently drawing closer, an Overwatch fan has brought Marvel's space show to Blizzard's legend shooter game and the outcome is essentially astonishing

Transforming Widowmaker of Overwatch into Gamora, the Widowmaker and her purple skin change into a green alien look, and this skin was planned by Luca Albrecht

With the entirety of Widowmaker's stature and different measurements unblemished to coordinate with that of Gamora, if you have a look at this skin, it seems as though it would impeccably suit the sharpshooter woman. Her natural heeled boots are still there while her long legs are changed from being wearing purple leggings to blue jean-looking jeans. 

Even the Guardians logo is embedded on her new marksman rifle and she additionally has the gauntlets on her fists. The Widowmaker is shown bearing Star Lord's head protector, in an additional picture given by the craftsman of this new Overwatch Widowmaker skin which would serve pleasantly as possibly a substitute plan. 

However, the odds of this skin really being added are sadly very thin as dissimilar to different shooter games like Warzone or even Fortnite, Overwatch has never made a special effort to add skins dependent on non-Blizzard establishments.

Earlier Overwatch Ange De La Mort Widowmaker Skin was also released which got a lot of appreciation from the Overwatch fans. A fresh-out-of-the-box Overwatch Widowmaker Ange De La Mort's (aka Angel Of Death Widowmaker) skin was uncovered as a component of the Overwatch League June Joust occasion.

To read more about it and how you can grab this Overwatch Ange De La Mort Widow skin, visit: How To Get Ange De La Mort Widowmaker Overwatch Skin

Keeping the fact in mind that Overwatch 2 is being developed, if something like this wakes up, it would be an incredible treat for both Marvel and Overwatch admirers but only if Blizzard at any point changes their way to deal with skins.

Ideally, in the coming time ahead we can be hopeful of getting more subtleties for Overwatch 2 and can get some news on Blizzard's way to deal with skins, beauty care products, and plunder. Up to that point, we can appreciate stunning Overwatch Widowmaker fanart and can just expect that we will eventually see such a skin in the game.

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