Ghost of Ikishima Leaked - DLC of Ghost of Tsushima Game

Industry insiders recommend that Ghost of Ikishima which is an independent expansion of Ghost of Tsushima is being developed for release this year. 

Ghost of Ikishima
Ghost of Ikishima 

An open-world samurai game from Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima acquired a great response at the hour of its delivery and perhaps became the greatest game of PlayStation 4.

Presently, as a venture called Ghost of Ikishima has released on the web, it appears that the fans of Ghost of Tsushima may have considerably more substance to anticipate. Just like Spider-Man: Miles Morales with an arranged delivery date of 2021, is an expansion in Marvel's Spider-Man, Ghost of Ikishima is an independent expansion for Ghost of Tsushima. 

The previous game figured out how to proceed with its multiplayer expansion that was delivered at some point after dispatch, so we are certain that this new expansion will offer much more.

Fans should think about this while taking other factors into consideration for the present as the news has been spread by an insider, Shpeshal_Nick who is generally known for spilling Xbox news. Even another known insider, KatharsisT, a Resetera client additionally ringed in on the spilled Ghost of Tsushima.

While Sony has delivered a small bunch of PlayStation 5 exclusives, most of its first-party titles are being delivered on the two stages. So, Shpeshal_Nick's supposition is that Ghost of Ikishima will be a cross-gen game, although even he isn't sure if Ghost of Ikishima will be a cross-gen title or a PS5 restrictive game.

Earlier there were rumors going around regarding Ghost of Tsushima PC being in the development. However, the thought of Ghost of Tsushima PC coming soon was put to rest. And if there's a real sign of Ghost of Tsushima PC release, it is sure to be someday in the future, and we shouldn't take the dropped 'Only on PlayStation' branding of Sony as a sign that Ghost of Tsushima PC being in the works.

Those who were contemplating whether Ghost of Ikishima was intended to be another Ghost of Tsushima: Legends multiplayer experience can let that hypothesis go as KatharsisT affirmed that Ghost of Ikishima is a single-player game.

As indicated by the spilled data, Ghost of Ikishima is hoping to dispatch eventually in 2021, however, one needs to ponder when precisely will Ghost of Ikishima be revealed, if the spilled Ghost of Tsushima independent expansion Ghost of Ikishima is genuine.

Notwithstanding, the Ghost of Ikishima reveals doesn't seem to take place anytime soon as we can't see any large impending gaming occasions where the Ghost of Ikishima can be revealed. And what PlayStation stages Ghost of Ikishima is coming to is still under question too.

There are reports that Sony will have another PlayStation State of Play occasion soon although Sony has not authoritatively affirmed any such occasion. Whatever be the case, fans should hold their assumptions under tight restraints until further notice as Ghost of Ikishima is supposed to be being developed.

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