How To Get Ange De La Mort Widowmaker Overwatch Skin

The same as earlier months, to commend the most recent Overwatch League competition, Blizzard has created a unique cosmetic and its Widowmaker who has gotten the cutthroat makeover, this time around. 

Also called the 'Angel of Deathoutfit, the new Ange De La Mort skin was intended to respect the world's most exact sharpshooters. Players throughout the planet can seize this selected skin in order to commend the 1v1 Widowmaker competition on the 12th of June. As a component of the Overwatch League June Joust occasion, a fresh-out-of-the-box new Overwatch Widowmaker Ange De La Mort's skin has been uncovered.

But make it certain to get in speedy as the exclusive skin will not be around always. And to grasp the skin before it is gone, we are here to help you as we have detailed all the means by which you can get it on time

The most effective method to unlock the Ange De La Mort Widowmaker skin 

Procuring the Overwatch Ange De La Mort Widowmaker skin couldn't be more straightforward as compared to other OWL things as through the in-game store, you can simply buy it for 200 Tokens

From the 21st of June 2021, the new Widowmaker Ange De La Mort Overwatch configuration will be gone from the store as it's accessible at the present time but is only available at a restricted time slot. On the off chance that the skin is accessible once more, then it's impossible to tell when will be the next time that it becomes accessible or for how long it will be accessible.

The most effective method to acquire Overwatch League Tokens 

In order to procure these Tokens, the player's account should be connected with their YouTube account as they will need 200 Overwatch League Tokens to purchase the new Widowmaker Ange De La Mort skin. This should be possible in your YouTube settings, in the 'Connected Apps' segment

The remainder of your work is simple. When you are done with setting up everything, simply kick back and watch a couple of hours of the June Joust occasion. And you will see that the Overwatch League Tokens will start accumulating gradually.

These are the steps to acquire your Overwatch Ange De La Mort Widow skin.

If you want details about merging the accounts, you can visit the official site of Overwatch League and have a finished overview of the best way to blend your accounts.

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