Regigigas - How To Find and Catch in Pokemon Go

Regigigas is all set to join the Pokemon Go game on the 30th of June 2021.

Regigigas in Pokemon Go

Regigigas will spread the word about its quality significantly more as it is the center of attention in the forthcoming Raid Hour.

The Raid Hour will take place from 6 pm to 7 pm, a gigantic uptick in Tier 5 raids including Regigigas will be available in Pokemon Go for players who have passed up the chance to overpower and grab the expert of Pokemon's Legendary Titans. 

The fact that Regigigas is an intense Pokemon to beat is no surprise for anyone as Regigigas is a high-tier Pokemon. Regigigas is one of the most powerful Normal-type Legendary Pokemon who has just one elemental shortcoming and gets standard harm from each and every other element type.

Pokemon GO: Great counters to crush Regigigas.

Regigigas will take a lot of effort prior to coming to a raid and offering players a chance to catch it. And as many players wonder how to get Regigigas, the answer to it will be that if players wish to cause a great amount of damage and grab Regigigas' HP as quickly as possible, Pokemon GO players should concentrate on Pokemon utilizing Fighting-type moves. The clearest contender to do this is Fighting-type Pokemon, yet there are several others as well who can utilize the moves and still cause a great amount of damage simultaneously.

To cause a great amount of damage to Regigigas in a raid, players and their colleagues can use these below mentioned Pokemon:
  1. Yveltal
  2. Toxicroak
  3. Therian Landorus
  4. Terrakion
  5. Sirfetch'd
  6. Sawk
  7. Primeape
  8. Pangoro
  9. Mewtwo
  10. Mega Lopunny
  11. Mega
  12. Machamp
  13. Lucario
  14. Heracross
  15. Hariyama
  16. Gengar
  17. Gallade
  18. Emboar
  19. Conkledurr
  20. Cobalion
  21. Chesnaught
  22. Breloom
  23. Blaziken
Shiny Regigigas

Charged moves
  1. Focus Blast
  2. Superpower
  3. Close Combat
  4. Dynamic Punch
  5. Aura Sphere (Lucario only)
  6. Sacred Sword (Cobalion only)
Fast moves
  1. Karate Chop
  2. Counter
  3. Low Kick
And as mentioned, these Fighting-type Pokemon and moves are the best approach to bring down Regigigas quickly. There are obviously exemptions that actually can cause some huge damage on Regigigas such as Mewtwo, Mega Charizard X/Y, however, focusing on Fighting-type harm will misuse Regigigas' one basic shortcoming.

If this approach is utilized by a whole Pokemon GO raid team then Regigigas' huge measure of HP is not so overpowering as it seems.

Thinking about this, players will probably need to beat Regigigas a lot of times during the attack hour. To catch the best IVs they can get from this Pokemon, it is not an issue to battle and win over Regigigas rapidly.

New Shiny Regigigas

Shiny Regigigas

Other than the legendary Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon are rare because of their unique alterations and shiny Regigigas are one of them. Shiny Regigigas which made its debut this Summer in the Pokemon Go game, can offer a lot more joy to players with the attractive and rare features that Shiny Regigigas has. Players should continue to participate in as many Regigigas raids as possible before the 2nd of July 2021 to grab Shiny Regigigas.

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