Riot's LoL Champion Tahm Kench: Release date, Rework, Patch 11.13 and More

In Season 11, Riot said, The King of the River is getting a remake for its Abyssal Voyage and Devour.

Tahm Kench will finally adapt to an "acquired flavor" and it looks like the time has finally arrived to Unbench the Kench.

Riot confirmed that the Tahm Kench rework was "full of passion". The main focus currently is on two of his most iconic skills:  his 'Devour' mechanism and his ultimate depth. As explained by game designer Kevin 'Captain' Huang, their idea is of ​​"carefully balancing River King

Huang, the game designer said, "There are  that a high level of coordinated play is required by a lot of forces out there and one of the champions, Kench is famous for being weak to most of the players as his sets are strong for the pros is no secret.

Tahm Kench Release Date

The expected release date changed and is set to arrive in the near future, i.e. super soon. However, Season 11 already being in full swing. Although the initial statement which was given by Riot stated that"only after the World patch 10.19, the River King skill update would arrive" but before informing that it will have to postpone the update again, the organization listed the LoL 11.10 patch as a possible release date.

Once the champions get a PBE performance, they are not far from being released. And with Tahm Kench loaded on the test server, it pretty much confirms that its League of Legends re-debut is imminent, although, Riot hasn't officially confirmed that this is their plan. 

River King is now finally released in the LoL 11.13 patch update. And we will definitely see a revamped tank at the end of the month, however, after the patch releases on Wednesday, 23rd of June 2021, to uncover the reworked Tahm Kench, fans may have to wait a few days more.


The developers have made a few minor changes to the below-mentioned two features.

A new tool for committed support, Abyssal Voyage Kenby will damage and knockdown enemies upon arrival. This new change will also be "swift" and will have a "shorter-range". In addition, it seems to be locked behind a level 6 barrier to experience, and the wait is extended for it to cool off. 

However, directed to the first slot "R", its Devour skill will come as harm for the adversaries or as a protector for colleagues which totally depends on the final goalHuang additionally said, " Till Level 6, not having access to skills and by waiting longer, the adversary should be able to use the spare time in an efficient manner."

LoL Patch Update 11.13 - Tahm Kench Rework

  • Devour (R)
  1. Shield now envelops colleagues for X.
  1. Traded with Abyssal Voyage (W).
  • Tongue Lash (P)
  1. Can heal for X.
  1. The acquired flavor deck is now applied.
  1. Capable of swallowing enemy champions (R) when thrown.
  • Abyssal Voyage (W)
  1. Colleagues can no longer join.

    1. Exchanged for Devour (R).
    2. Upon arrival, takes down enemies for X seconds and can cause X damage.


With the help of his Tongue Lash Q ability, Tam Kench can finally get a little more self-healing in a redesigned kit that provides River Kings a healthy bit of addition. The LoL 9.19 patch which came two seasons before was the last time when Tahm Kench received an update other than a bug fix. His health bonus changed from 30-100% by level to 75% at all levels, all thanks to his Thick Skin Glue.

To keep Tahm Kench's high skill cap and maintain his stability at the same time is exactly what Riot wants at this moment. However, River King, in Season 11 will en routed towards the Devour or Regurgitate abilities. And the transition to the "W" ability from Abyssal Voyage Kench will ultimately happen.

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