Valorant Agent 16: Release Date, Grenadier Spills and Capacities

Agent 16, codenamed Grenadier, is in transit, however not in Episode 2 Act 3. 

By gathering its program for each Act, Valorant has been maintaining its consistency. There are currently 15 Valorant Agents for groups to plan around along with the dispatch of Ghanaian Agent, Astra. Although Riot skirted the delivery which the players were anticipating that Agent 16 should come in Episode 2 Act 3. Riot delivered another map in Breeze which sent the local area into a touch of disorder. In any case, Agent 16 is coming, simply not at this moment so don't be excessively stressed.

Valorant Agent 16 Release Date

Because the dispatch is scheduled for the 22nd of June, 2021, just after the fight pass lapseswe can anticipate that Agent 16 should drop in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1. As dissimilar to the past proceedings, Riot tossed a spanner by not delivering one Agent for every Act with Episode 2 Act 3.

Valorant Agent 16 Gameplay and Features

Riot referenced somewhat about Agent 16 capacities and gave a spic and span mystery on it in a blog entry posted on the 28th of May. The gamers who appreciate conventional first-individual shooter titles will be capable of recognizing the Agent's capacities as per the released post.

Riot hinted that in the areas where players should depend on their gunplay, this new Agent is someone whose utility can make instances. Further, they composed that "The new Agent is coming soon enough, and we're anticipating seeing what you think when they at long last make proper acquaintance!"

Grenadiers are known for their capacity to break into adversary fortifications, however, making "minutes where you should depend on your gunplay" sure makes it sound like another Duelist or Sentinel is in transit too. So maybe there is a possibility that Agent 16 inclines more towards the Initiator part. 

We can begin constructing a harsh thought of how the Agent may play keeping the above-mentioned facts in mind and the "Grenadier" spills from prior. This could be like a trap that requires enactment, similar to Killjoy's Nanoswarm or conventional explosive like Raze's Paint Shells. Obviously, the new character hops into each guide with some type of dangerous force. 

Valorant Agent 16 Codename

An advancement video on the Arabian Valorant record might have been a secret for the new Agent as initially thought by the players but that ended up being a trailer for another competition, Strike Arabia. There's hasn't been a lot to go off for Valorant's next Agent as promotion recordings and ordinary secrets of player cards didn't prompt anything in Episode 2 Act 3.

An 11th May report at long last gave us some new data after few a weeks followed without any pertinent secrets. Information diggers saw another character's name stowed away in the game's code not so long after the 2.09 update went live.

The announced codename for Agent 16 in Valorant is 'Grenadier'. It's simply a codename until further notice, however, this could be demonstrative of the Agent's playstyle. There's a decent possibility the genuine name for the following character is something altogether unique.

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