Battlefield 2042 Season Pass will have lots of new content

Battlefield 2042 will be released soon and is set to have a fantastic measure of post-release content through its Battlefield Season Pass. 

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042 Season Pass Content

After the declaration of the Battlefield Portal - a focal center that presents past maps, weapons, vehicles, and more into its most recent game, Battlefield 2042 has been creating a lot of hype around it. 

Now, Battlefield 2042 is only a couple of months away and the Battlefield 2042 Beta is set to be released in September 2020, so the fans have started wondering about the post-release content that Battlefield 2042 has to offer. 

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Battlefield 2042 Leaks

Earlier, a prominent leaker, Tom Henderson detailed over on Twitter the specific measure of post-release content that Battlefield 2042 will give out to the fans each season.

In spite of the fact that it may appear to be an over-exorbitant measure of content said to be released yet it apparently is a cognizant choice the devs of Battlefield 2042 have made. 

Battlefield 2042 is set to deliver a good amount of post-release content to compensate for the past Battlefield tiles that did not offer much to the players. 

There are a few sources that have suggested that the Portal side of the game will probably have one remastered map rather than two, other than that all the details in the tweet are true as claimed by Henderson.

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EA has already affirmed that Battlefield 2042 will highlight a season pass model and will come out with different Battlefield 2042 editions to give players four battle passes free of charge along with maps, weapons, gadgets, and operators during the primary year.

Nonetheless, aside from the affirmation that a season pass will last about 90 days and one new Specialist going to the game per season, DICE didn't reveal any more information about the Battlefield 2042 post-release content.

Battlefield 2042 Season Pass

Battlefield 2042 Season Pass Weapons & Vehicles

Each new season of Battlefield 2042 will have around 12 new weapons and four new vehicles, with almost a 50% split between All Out War and the Portal and the remastered Portal map in a particular season of the game will accompany new vehicles and weapons from that same game only.

It is still not clear how the new additions will be made to Battlefield 2042, however, the two clear alternatives would be the new Portal content being accessible once the Battlefield 2042 season is released, or it should be opened through the Battlefield 2042 season battle pass. 

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Battlefield 2042 Season Pass Maps

Recent leaks suggest that there may be one remastered map for every season. This Battlefield remastered map along with two different maps that will go to the Portal from All Out War, meaning players will get 3 Battlefield 2042 maps each season.

Battlefield 2042 map

Leaker Tom Henderson says that Battlefield 2042 seasons will be themed in some limit, having large weather events on which Battlefield 2042 will be based. Moreover, there are rumors like tidal waves, quakes, volcanic eruptions, and even space rocks could be seen in Battlefield 2042.

Although Battlefield 2042 has not been released as of now, yet fans are worried about how the tidal waves or tornadoes would influence Battlefield 2042 gameplay. Tom Henderson has likewise talked about the fans' concern in his past tweets.

At present, 6 maps are said to join the Battlefield Portal, including the ones from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3, however, there are still a few maps that are yet to be revealed.

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However, fans should take all the information with a grain of salt as all details have come from leaks and can be changed in the real game.

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