Black Ops Cold War High Resolution Pack (PS5) - How to Download and Install

A bunch of high-resolution packs was recently added to the Black Ops Cold War database by Treyarch for the PS5 consoles.

Black Ops Cold War High Resolution Pack
Black Ops Cold War High-Resolution Pack PS5

After the release of Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles, graphical enhancements and visual overhauls have become a welcoming expansion to any game, especially those titles which were launched before the consoles.

These patch upgrades give game developers an opportunity to push their limit in enhancing the graphics and take advantage of the next-gen console's graphical abilities.

And currently, it seems Treyarch is all set to take benefit from the console's graphical abilities as a bunch of high-resolution packs has been added to the Cold War's database implying they are planning to enhance the visual experience for Cold War players on the PS5.

Meaning it is just a matter of time before Black Ops Cold War's fans get to see Black Ops Cold War a gigantic graphical upgrade. 

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Though there is no doubt the fact that the upgrade is going to occupy a lot of storage on your console, however, if you're a huge enthusiast of the FPS, then the upgrade is definitely worth installing.

Black Ops Cold War High-Resolution Pack (PS5)

Despite the fact that Treyarch hasn't made a declaration or given any concrete detail on the packs, we can accept that PS5 players will be treated with an enhanced visual experience. 

Recently, PlayStation Game Size posted an image on Twitter, revealing the three packs included in Black Ops Cold War, one for Multiplayer, another one for Zombies, and the last one for Dead Ops Arcade.

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Black Ops Cold War High-Resolution Pack Installation (PS5) 

Treyarch has just added the packs to the Black Ops Cold War's database till now, so they're not yet fit to be installed. However, it is expected that the developers will reveal more information about the upgrade in an upcoming patch. 

Players will have the option to install every one of the packs by means of the PS network after they are officially released.

Black Ops Cold War HR Pack PS5
Black Ops Cold War HR Pack PS5

Black Ops Cold War High-Resolution Pack Storage (PS5)

The high-resolution packs for PS5 will occupy around 29.567 GB of space on installation as the high-resolution packs are divided into three types of packs:

  • Dead Ops Arcade High-Resolution Pack - 3.760 GB
  • Zombies High-Resolution Pack - 8.041 GB
  • Multiplayer High-Resolution Pack - 17.775 GB

And the PS5 users should keep the fact in mind that the PS5 SSD can not be expanded right now, so they should definitely ensure to have adequate storage to finish the download whenever the packs are launched.

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These were the complete details revealed so far regarding Black Ops Cold War High-Resolution Pack, however, whenever new information comes up we will upgrade this article.

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