How to Beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go - July 2021

Giovanni, the famous Team Rocket Leader has made his epic come back to Pokemon Go.

Giovanni Pokemon Go
How to Beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go

In March, Giovanni returned to Pokemon Go as a feature of its Seasons of Legends, and Team Rocket once again is all set to make a comeback in-game. The villain’s three-month campaign highlighted him fighting with the Legendary bird trio of Kanto.

Presently, with the introduction of the Season of Discovery, the notorious character that is Giovanni Pokemon Go has Shadow Ho-Oh in his grip. 

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Let's go through the Giovanni lineup for the month of July 2021, and answers some questions like how to beat Giovanni. 

Instructions to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go

Presented in 2019, Team Rocket's Giovanni regularly makes his come back in Pokemon Go with an alternate setup every month. The character's incredible Shadow 'mon pivots out each time he returns. 

In July 2021, players can in any case go head to head against the Fire/Flying-type Legendary, Ho-Oh. The Johto district bird sneaks up all of a sudden with its Shadow attack bonus and will stay close by until the 1st of September 2021. 

The famous villain, Giovanni Pokemon Go likewise brings back amazing Diamond and Pearl Dragon, Garchomp, just as Persian, Nidoking, and Kangaskhan. 

Now let's go through Giovanni Pokemon Go Weakness for the July 2021 Lineup

Giovanni Pokemon Go Weakness July 2021

Toward the beginning of each battle, Giovanni will consistently toss out his iconic 'mon, Persian. The Normal-type can be carried down with Fighting-type characters. The second Pokemon he picks is from a pool of three which is totally random. 

Fortunately, Kangaskhan is additionally a Normal-type, and Nidoking and Garchomp can both be crushed with Ice-type moves. Additionally, you can generally rematch Giovanni on the off chance that you lose and adjust likewise. Ultimately, Ho-Oh is incredibly feeble in the event that you hit it with a Rock-type attack. 

Now let's find an answer to how to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go July 2021 Lineup

Giovanni Pokemon Go Counters July 2021

For Persian, we suggest Trainers use Gen IV's Lucario. Aura Sphere is speedier than most Rock-type Charge Attacks. And the Sinnoh 'mon can likewise be extended to Kangaskhan to bring it out. A decent elective counter is Machamp utilizing Counter and Dynamic Punch. 

And if the Rocket Boss Tosses out Nidoking, Mewtwo will put it down right away utilizing its fast Confusion and Psystrike combo. Those unfortunate to get Garchomp can fight it off with Ice-type 'mon Mamoswine. At last, Rampardos or Rhyperior will cut down Ho-Oh in a matter of moments. 

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Giovanni sneaks up all of a sudden as compared to Rocket Grunts and Leaders and Giovanni Pokemon Go setup of Shadow 'mon will exhaust your wellbeing rapidly in the event that you don't have the right counters. However, you can rematch the notorious villain promptly, and make changes to your list. 

And on the off chance that you don't have the above-mentioned Pokemons then basically take a gander at the Giovanni Pokemon Go Weakness and play accordingly.

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