Leaked Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Skins

Overwatch Summer Games event is set to kick start once again, bringing new skins and more for fans, however, few teasers were kept as a secret for fans, which have been leaked now. 

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Skins
Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Skins

Overwatch has been following the traditions of bringing annual events with the Overwatch Summer Games, and just like every other year, the Overwatch Summer Games event is set to take place soon. 

Overwatch Summer Games has generally added new game modes and summer-themed skins to the mainstream legend shooter and each Overwatch fan adores the Summer Games occasion.

According to the official announcement made by Blizzard the Overwatch Summer Games event will incorporate new skins for several characters like

  • a skin for Ashe
  • a skin for Symmetra
  • a skin for Mei

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However, now fans have found a collection of new cosmetics that will be revealed in the Overwatch Summer Games 2021.

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Skin Leaks

Blame the Controller, a Twitter user posted an image on his Twitter account on the 19th of July 2021. In the mentioned image, there are somewhere around four skins that we haven't seen before. The new leaked Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Skin are:

  • Orisa
  • Pharah
  • Sigma
  • Winston

Winston's new look is unquestionably a legendary one, and most likely, this blue getup will be available as a prize for weekly challenges.

Then we have Pharah in a new red skin. And if you look carefully she's wearing her full flight suit, not a swimsuit, so definitely it's a new skin and not her lifeguard skin.

And at last, we have two remarkable skins for Sigma and Orisa that both seem as though they could be amazing. 

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All these leaked new skins seem very interesting and make us wish to leap into Overwatch Summer Games and look at the new cosmetics significantly more.

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