Fortnite Textile bundle and more upcoming skins leaked

Fortnite Textile bundle along with few more skins will soon join the title as hinted by a popular Fortnite leaker.

Fortnite Textile bundle
Fortnite Textile bundle has been leaked

Today, on the 29th of August 2021, Epic Games revealed the addition of Mike Lowrey Fortnite skin, and the devs have already introduced the September Fortnite Crew Pack in the game.

And in addition to Mike Lowrey skin, his bundle, the September crew pack, along with the skins included in October and November Fortnite Crew Pack, more data has been revealed about the game.

As always, the leakers are consistently datamining, revealing some major data about the upcoming additions in the game, and recently Fortnite Sweet Legends bundle along with upcoming skins were revealed via data mining.

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Now, as per another leak, fans will soon be able to get their hands on the Textile Fortnite bundle and some more skins.

Fortnite Textile bundle Leak

HYPEXa known Fortnite leaker recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account suggesting that fans might be getting a Fortnite Textile bundle in the upcoming days.

However, no details about the Fortnite Textile bundle release date were revealed by him, yet the leaker did reveal the items included in the Textile Fortnite bundle.

As per the leaker, the items included in the Fortnite Textile bundle are:

  1. Textile Pup - Male (Pug)
  2. Textile Ram - Female
  3. Textile Knight - Male (Black Knight)
  4. Textile Sparkle - Female (Sparkle Specialist)

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Textile is a type of fabric made by weaving or knotting or any other form of inter-locking, hence, it will be very interesting to see how incredible the Fortnite Textile bundle will look if the leak turns out to be true.

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Fortnite Upcoming Skins Leak

The leakers have been revealing a lot of stuff recently, and likewise, HYPEX has revealed few more upcoming skins.

We will keep updating the article whenever new information comes up, however, the leaks are always subjected to change. So, players should think about it with a grain of salt.

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