Fortnite Update 17.40 - Release date, Game mode, POIs, more

Fortnite Update 17.40 is set to release soon, set to add new features and more collaborations. Let's go through the Fortnite patch notes for today.

Fortnite update 17.40
Fortnite update 17.40 is set to bring some exciting features

Fortnite update 17.30 carried gigantic lumps of content to the game, and Fortnite update 17.40 is also expected to proceed with the pattern as Season 7 is going towards its climactic end. 

The 17.40 update for Fortnite might contain probably the main changes for the game during Season 7 as recently Epic Games has flipped its methods in a wide range of ways. 

New and interesting skins, POIs, cosmetics, along with the alien invasion storyline are set to drop in the upcoming weeks. And a few gossipy tidbits about more crossovers are additionally being reinforced as more information from the Fortnite 17.40 patch notes have been leaked.

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A recent leak from Fortnite 17.40 update gives players a new area roused after another famous online game.

Fortnite Update 17.40 - Release Date

Tuesday, 17th of August 2021 has been fixed as Fortnite update 17.40 release date. The players will be able to download and update Fortnite somewhere around 9AM BST or 4AM EST.

And all the recent Fortnite leaks via web-based media highlight a crossover with the famous online game Among Us.

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Fortnite Update 17.40 - New Features

Fortnite new Locations

According to new tweets and leaks, Fortnite is set to include an area that looks like a cafeteria, which even incorporates "Among Us" in the content, unequivocally indicating a Fortnite x Among Us collaboration. 

Furthermore, the leakers have additional code in the in-game files, having few famous areas similar to Cafeteria, Lab, Factory Electrical, and other related words in the game's map. Epic matched these files with the epithet "MoleTask," hinting at the Among Us x Fortnite collaboration.

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Fortnite new game mode

Fortnite will likewise see another game mode with the presence of an Among Us-themed POI, named the "Imposter" mode, a term that is popularly used in Among Us to address the villain of the game.

Fortnite Leaks & News has leaked the Imposter Game mode ahead of the official reveal.

The renowned Fortnite leakers, ShiinaBR and iFireMonkey also hinted at the arrival of Imposters game mode.

It is expected that this new game mode will convey some story points and conceivably connecting the alien disguise and invasion strategies players have seen with NPCs. 

Moreover, Donald Mustard also commented on the teasers circulating on the web, inconspicuously giving players an affirmation about what players can expect from the upcoming Fortnite update. 

And it is certain that more Fortnite leaks will start dropping in today and tomorrow, just before the release of Fortnite update 17.40.

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Changes in Fortnite POIs and Legends Pack

Players are aware that the UFO Mothership is moving, with its crosshairs coordinated toward the north center of the Fortnite map. So there are chances that Little Dish might see some activity, along with Craggy Cliffs, which might be the next abducted POI. 

Fortnite 17.40 update is likewise set to bring back the Corrupted Legends Pack that will be accessible to the players until the 30th of August 2021. It is beneficial for the players who wish to get the black and red gear. 

These were the complete details about Fortnite update 17.40 that have been revealed prior to the official release of Fortnite 17.40 update. 

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Obviously, more Fortnite leaks are set to pour out as the Fortnite 17.40 update release is coming nearer. Thus, we'll update this article with more data once more details come out.

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