Halo Infinite Download Size Leaked

Halo Infinite's download size has been leaked, although it is still months away from its official release.

Halo Infinite download size
Halo Infinite download size has been leaked online

Players already got the chance to jump into Infinite’s multiplayer a little early with a technical preview of the game, which was held recently by 343 Industries, although the upcoming Halo Infinite isn’t slated for full release until the holiday season.

And as Halo Infinite is perhaps the most expected game of 2021 and with such a lot of promotion around the title, leakers are digging hard to find some information about this upcoming title.

Earlier, a Reddit user, Outer-Rains posted a series of images on Reddit claiming it to be a new Halo Infinite Reach Map.

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And now a new Halo Infinite leak has emerged revealing a Halo Infinite's download size.

Halo Infinite Download Size

Recently, an image has been leaked online, showing the Halo Infinite download size or the disk size that will be taken by the Halo Infinite full version. 

As per the leaked image on the web that discloses the Halo Infinite download size, players should at least keep 97.24GB of free space on the new Xbox consoles.

Although when the Halo Infinite full version was made accessible to journalists, Halo Infinite disk size was merely 18GB, so there is a colossal contrast here. 

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So players very well may expect that Halo Infinite download size will be more modest on Xbox One consoles and PC as Halo Infinite will make a big appearance o Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in the last quarter of 2021.

However, we will have to wait for any official announcement to be made regarding the Halo Infinite download size to know whether this Halo Infinite leak is true or not or whether users will actually get the Halo Infinite download size of 97.24GB.

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