How to use new Fortnite Grab-Itron weapon

Fortnite Update 17.30 has been released, introducing a new weapon called the Grab-Itron (Gravity Gun).

grab itron fortnite
Fortnite Grab Itron, a new weapon in Fortnite

Today, that is the 3rd of August 2021, Epic Games unexpectedly dropped another Fortnite Update 17.30. And perhaps the greatest addition in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is Gravity Gun: Grab-Itron. 

As the weapon's official depiction expresses, the Fortnite Grab Itron permits you to "snatch things and toss them at different things", which sounds like loads of fun.

This Fortnite Grab Itron weapon was first displayed in the trailer for Season 7, so normally, fans have been hanging tight for its appearance and it is definitely worth waiting as this interesting Fortnite Grab Itron weapon can even stop rockets mid-flight and toss them back.

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So, let's get to know the details about "how to get Grab Itron Fortnite gun" and "Where to get Grab Itron Fortnite Gun".

Where to find the Fortnite Grab Itron - Gravity Gun

Initially, the Fortnite Grab Itron can be found in IO Chests which are situated at IO Bases across the Fortnite map, yet you'll have more karma discovering one via arriving on top of Abductors or getting it as an award inside the Mothership.

The Fortnite Grab Itron can only be acquired in Mothership, once players complete the orb-collecting mini-game.

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How to use Fortnite Grab Itron Gravity Gun 

The Fortnite Grab Itron doesn't exactly work similarly to most different weapons in the game, still using the Grab Itron in Fortnite is really straightforward.

Fortnite Grab Itron
Fortnite Grab Itron can grab items and then fire them

Players will initially have to point and fire at the item they wish to get, and afterward, they will have to keep moving the aim to keep moving the item. And pressing the reload button will allow players to pivot whatever they have snatched. 

At last, players can toss the item that they have snatched by pressing fire indeed.

Turn towards the area where you wish to launch the item and watch it take off into the distance. For those players who were eager to get something to ease their task in bringing UFOs or buildings down, Fortnite Grab Itron will be a boon for them. 

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Fortnite Grab Itron Stats

Since the Grab-Itron's power is dependent on what object it gets, the Fortnite Grab Itron stats appear to be somewhat low. However, due to this unique ability of Fortnite Grab Itron, the firearm doesn't have a steady DPS and is unable to critically hit the opponents. 

Fortnite Grab Itron stats are written below:

  1. Fire rate - 1 
  2. Magazine size - 1 
  3. Reload time - 0.9 seconds 

As mentioned above Grab-Itron's power is dependent on what object it gets and the measure of harm it causes is also dependent upon the size of the item gotten. Players can likewise keep hold of these items and use them as a safeguard to shield themselves from approaching risks.

These were the complete details about Fortnite Grab Itron that have been revealed. Keep visiting for more Fortnite Updates that will be coming soon.

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