Palkia - Shiny, Counters, Weakness, Moveset, and More in Pokemon Go

Palkia, one of the fan favorites and the best Legendaries pokemon in Pokemon Go has a wide range of moves.

Palkia Pokemon Go
Palkia Pokemon was recently introduced in the game

Palkia is a Dragon/Water-type Pokemon from the Sinnoh region and is perhaps the best legendary in Pokemon Go. Palkia Pokemon is a generation IV pokemon.

With the upcoming Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 2 - Space, the Sinnoh area's Palkia is getting back to 5-Star Raids that will provide trainers another opportunity to get their hands on the fan-loved Palkia.

This Palkia Legendary is all set to make its shiny debut with Shiny Palkia and fans may get extra fortunate and get one of the Shiny Palkia.

Similar to Generation IV Legendary Dialga, who can be caught in the 5-Star Raids, the Legendary Palkia is one of the best choices for the trainers to use in the Pokemon Go Battle League's Master League.

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This Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 2 - Space event is the aptest opportunity for trainers to grab Palkia along with the Shiny version of Palkia, i.e. Shiny Palkia.

Palkia in Pokemon Go - Palkia Weaknesses

Palkia is a double Water/Dragon-type, which implies it's just feeble against Dragon and Fairy-types. This additionally implies that Pokemon Go Palkia is strong against Steel-types and twofold safe against Fire and Water-types, so trainers should remember to keep away from these types of Pokemon. 

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shiny palkia
Palkia moveset includes Fire, Water, and Dragon-type moves

Let's have a look at the best Palkia movesets and Palkia counters to take advantage of Palkia Weakness and win in these 5-Star Raids. 

Palkia Pokemon Go - Palkia Moveset

Palkia Pokemon is fit for performing 5 different moves as a Raid Boss, going from Dragon to Fire and Water-type. The best Palkia moveset are recorded beneath: 

  1. Aqua Tail (Water)
  2. Draco Meteor (Dragon)
  3. Dragon Breath (Dragon)
  4. Dragon Tail (Dragon)
  5. Fire Blast (Fire)
  6. Hydro Pump (Water)

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Palkia Pokemon Go - Palkia Counters

Palkia Counters

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Palkia Pokemon Go - Instructions to get Palkia Pokemon

Palkia Pokemon will be accessible from Friday, 6th of August 2021, at 10 AM and will be accessible until Friday, 20th of August 2021, at 10AM in the 5-Star Raids for the trainers to encounter and catch their favorite Palkia.

Winning the 5-Star Raid Battles against the Palkia is the only way to get Palkia Pokemon.

Palkia Pokemon Go - Palkia CP Range 

Palkia Pokemon can be gotten with a CP somewhere in the range of 2,190 to 2,280 CP. And with the help of weather boost: Windy or Rainy, it very well may be gotten with a CP somewhere in the range of 2,737 to 2,850 CP. 

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Palkia Pokemon Go - Palkia Raid Boss

Palkia Pokemon has a Boss CP of 54,793 which implies it's anything but an impressive rival to overcome and will show up only in 5-Star Raids.

Therefore, it's suggested that trainers try to bring Palkia down with the help of at least 5 or 6 different trainers. 

Palkia Pokemon Go - Shiny Palkia

Shiny Palkia has recently been made accessible for the trainers in Pokemon Go. 

Shiny Palkia is a recent addition in Pokemon Go and during the Pokemon Go Ultra Unlock Part 2 - Space event, Shiny Palkia made its debut, so it's an exceptionally new expansion and relatively only a few trainers might have caught one of these Shiny Palkia, which makes it truly alluring. 

Shiny Pokemon are rare because of their unique alterations and there are chances that shiny Palkia is going to be one of them. 

And as usual, there's no uncommon strategy to get a Shiny variety of Pokemon like Shiny Palkia, so it is suggested that players continue to participate in as many 5 star raids as possible to enhance their chances of grabbing Shiny Palkia.

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