Crustle Pokemon Unite - Best Moves, Battle & Held Items

Pokemon Unite Crustle is a standout amongst all other defenders that can be picked by players in the game. 

Pokemon Unite Crustle
Pokemon Unite Crustle

The Gen V 'mon is to a great extent viewed as the best Defender in the TiMi Studios MOBA this moment, and Crustle, the crab Pokemon works effectively in shielding companions from foe ambushes as it is basically a goliath rock tank. 

Actually like in other Pokemon games, the Gen V Crustle is a strong defender who can dole out some great harm to rivals making it one of the top choices for the players.

As Crustle is exceptionally powerful against Rotom in both keeping enemies from attacking and dealing some great damage, it results in trainers often being in the top lane.

So let's get into the details of Pokemon Unite Crustle, the bug/rock-type Pokemon's best build, including the right moves, Held Items, and Battle Items that will definitely turn players into winners.

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Pokemon Unite - Best Crustle moves

Trainers should learn the Fury Cutter at level 1 when the match begins. 

Trainers will need to get the Fury Cutter, a damage-dealing melee move as it will be used to increase the player's level and to crush wild Pokemon at the beginning.

Pokemon Unite Crustle moves

After trainers get the Fury Cutter, they should pick Rock Slide at level 3. This attack tosses a stone at the objective, shocking them and furthermore causing some harm. Trainers should use Rock Slide just after using the Fury Cutter to get the best impact. 

Then after that players should supplant Rock Slide with Shell Smash at level 4 and Fury Cutter with X-Scissor at level 6.

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Pokemon Unite - Best Crustle Held Items

For the Defender, trainers should center around Held Items that expand its defense power and work best for Crustle. Therefore, the first item that players should pick is the Assault Vest that gives players a shield that helps in boosting the Sp. Def. when not battling, implying trainers will have a greater amount of an edge when bounced. 

Pokemon Unite Crustle Held Items

Then, the Rocky Helmet is ideally suited for trainers when they get razzed by the other group. Rocky Helmet sends an AoE flying that harms all the nearby adversaries after taking a specific measure of hits.

At last, the Score Shield is likely the best thing for Crustle. Score Shield gives trainers a shield worth 5% of their maximum HP and it permits players to barge to the objective and not be hindered when scoring.

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Pokemon Unite - Best Crustle Battle Items 

It will be ideal for players to remain in a team with Crustle and shield their teammates from adversaries as the Gen V 'mon doesn't have the best Attack stat.

However, if you are alone then having X-Attack will be the best option as it expands the Attack and Sp. Atk. for 40 seconds. 

Pokemon Unite Crustle Battle Items

Furthermore, whenever a trainer utilizes X-Attack with Shell Smash, the stats will be increased by a crazy sum, implying trainers will presumably have the option to get away from most 1v1 ambushes with it.

This is the best build for Pokemon Unite Crustle, however, trainers can try different things with various moves paths and things to perceive what turns out best for them.

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