Weasel & King Shark Fortnite skin - More Fortnite x Suicide Squad crossover

Weasel and King Shark Fortnite skin could probably join the battle royale soon as suggested by recent leaks.

Weasel and King Shark Fortnite skin
Weasel and King Shark Fortnite skin leaked

Fans were able to acquire and dress up as their favorite Suicide Squad character Bloodsport and now once again the crossover is set to happen with Fortnite x Suicide Squad collaboration.

Considering the number of crossovers that Epic has been doing recently, fans can easily say, Fortnite has turned into a world where any sort of crossover can happen. The previous year, fans had the option to get their hands on Marvel and DC skins of all sorts. 

However, Bloodsport showing up in Fortnite as a skin started numerous speculations, as the game included imprints for Peacemaker, Rebirth Harley Quinn, King Shark, and Polka-Dot Man, which came along with the character and his Starro backpack. 

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Moreover, Harley Quinn even got the new outfit and the recent rumors also indicated the arrival of  Shang-Chi in the game with the film's debut. Now, it appears as though The Suicide Squad may get more rep soon. 

The crossover isn't simply restricted to the one skin, as it seems there is a small bunch of different cosmetics in-game as well, and there could be a couple of more skins on offer too.

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King Shark and Weasel Fortnite skin leak

A new tweet was posted by HYPEX that has revealed few more upcoming skins, which suggests that King Shark and Weasel Fortnite skin may release in the future. However, the leaker likewise stated that some of the skins might have gotten scrapped too. 

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Earlier when the Fortnite 17.40 update was released which brought the Among Us-like Impostor Mode, dataminers figured out how to their hands on a lot of unreleased skins and cosmetics products. 

Back then, another prominent leaker, ShiinaBR rushed to bring up that there are potentially two more Suicide Squad Fortnite skins coming to the game – King Shark and Weasel Fortnite skin. 

It was said that these were the codenames for the two skins, and now it appears to be possible that these Weasel and King Shark Fortnite skin could soon join the game. 

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Although the players were anticipating the arrival of King Shark Fortnite skin, yet the leak regarding the Fortnite Weasel skin has surprised plenty of fans. However, as mentioned earlier, HYPEX didn't really reveal which of these skins got rejected. 

There are chances that King Shark Fortnite skin has been scrapped as it has been quite some time since the release of the film, and it will be odd that the devs wouldn't attempt to perfectly time the release of the skin. 

And about the Weasel and King Shark Fortnite skin release, no information has been revealed about it up until now, yet there have been rumors about different crossovers including Naruto Fortnite skin coming later on in the game.

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We will make sure to update the article with new information, however, players should think about it with a grain of salt as the leaks are always subjected to change.

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