Tyler Rake Fortnite skin - Release date, leaks, more

New Fortnite Tyler Rake Skin may be coming soon in Fortnite which is currently codenamed as Dusty.

Tyler Rake fortnite skin
Fortnite Tyler Rake skin may be coming soon

An exceptional Ariana Grande Fortnite event was recently held in Fortnite and as collaborations in Fortnite have become a major part of the game, many popular skins have been included in the game too.

Several famous faces such as Loki Skin Fortnite, Fortnite LeBron James skin, Gamora Fortnite skin, and many more have joined the Fortnite item shop and the recent addition in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Free Guy Fortnite skin has excited many fans as well.

And now according to the recent Fortnite leaks, fans can soon see Tyler Rake from the movie Extraction joining the Fortnite item shop.

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However, apparently, Epic Games has figured out how to outfox Fortnite leakers, and keeping in mind that no mischief was done all the while, leakers will presently need to take all of the new data with an open mindset.

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Tyler Rake Fortnite Skin Leaks

While the dataminers of Fortnite were attempting to dig up some information on "Free Guys" skin and challenges, they discovered a skin model in the game files. The codename for the Fortnite skin model is "Dusty" and Fortnite fans rushed to see that it seemed to be like Tyler Rake from the film Extraction. 

The mentioned Fortnite Dusty skin model has a similar tattoo as Tyler Rake played by Chris Hemsworth in the film Extraction which further confirms that the Tyler Rake Fortnite skin is coming soon. 

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The renowned Fortnite leakers, ShiinaBR and iFireMonkey, also stated the same thing: the Dusty Fortnite skin, 100% belongs to Tyler Rake.

And from the appearance of this Fortnite Dusty skin model, it is safe to say that the skin definitely belongs to Tyler Rake, a previous Australian SAS, who turned into a hired mercenary. 

Amusingly enough, last April, the Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard also tweeted, recommending that Tyler be added to the game. Probably implying, the Fortnite x Extraction collaboration was always on the cards, but then nobody saw it coming till now. 

Additionally, a past Fortnite Crew Pack skin clearly hinted at the Tyler Rake Fortnite skin however at the time everybody thought this was the outline of a Thor Skin.

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Tyler Rake Fortnite Skin Release Date

Other than the information regarding Dusty Fortnite skin model belonging to Tyler Rake, no details were revealed about Tyler Rake Fortnite skin release date, or how to get it.

Moreover, Epic Games is yet to confirm the addition of the Tyler Rake Fortnite skin, hence fans will have to wait for a bit to get an official Tyler Rake Fortnite skin release date, and we will update this article as soon as new information is revealed.

These were the complete details about the Tyler Rake Fortnite skin that have been revealed so far. However, these are just simply Fortnite leaks that are subjected to change. 

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So, players should think about it with a grain of salt and wait for Epic Games to release any official statement regarding this Fortnite Dusty skin.

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