Apex Legends Mali - abilities, leaks, skins of Season 11 legend

Apex Legends Mali is going to be the next legend in season 11, as per the recent leaks and rumors.

Apex Legends Mali
Apex Legends Mali

Apex Legends Season 10 will reach its conclusion in a few months, however, players have already started anticipating the Apex Legends Season 11.

The much anticipated reveal related to Apex Legends Season 11, is regarding the Apex Legends Season 11 new Legend. And as per the recent leaks, this new Apex Legends Season 11 Legend will be "Mali".

Let's go through all the details and information that have been revealed so far about the Apex Legends Season 11 new Legend - Apex Legends Maali.

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Apex Legends Season 11 Release Date

The 2nd of November 2021 is the expected Apex Legends Season 11 release date as the ongoing battle pass for Season 10 will finish then. However, it is obviously subject to change.

Apex Legends season 11 implies that Apex will present its 19th Legend, that is Apex Season 11 new Legend, but now the main question is who is the new character in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Maali will be the new legend joining the Apex Legends Season 11 as per the top leakers. 

Mali Apex Legends

As per a prominent dataminer, Garretleaks, new coding data has been found in the game files that identify with the name of the new playable Legend. 

Maali Apex Legends is the name of the Apex Legend Season 11 new legend as per the recent Apex Season 11 leaks. This could be a codename, just like Valkyrie, known as "Valk" in the game documents. 

@SomeoneWhoLeaks affirmed on Twitter that the new Apex Season 11 Legend will be called Maali.

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Recently, another dataminer, Garret also talked about the new Apex Season 11 legend - Mali in his latest YouTube video

Apex Legends Season 11 - Mali abilities

As per Garret, Apex Legends Mali is essentially producing the particles from the triple tape so one thing we can take from this is the next legend is going to be called Marley.

The leaker says that the name of this new Apex Season 11 legend - Mali goes well with the Tropic Island theme so this may be a teaser. However, it is yet to be proved that tropical is the next map, yet it seems Marley is going to come from the tropic islands.

The leaker likewise talked about the comparison of Apex Legends Mali with Ash, he says, "well we had something for Ash, now I don't know if Ash is Maali. It doesn't seem like it because it's a different name but you never know the code name could be the name."

Apex Legends Ash
Apex Legends Ash

The model of Apex Legends Maali looks like Ash's hologram from the Arenas game mode, except that she is in human form. Currently, Apex Legends Ash has two different versions of this model, one with a hood and one without.

While talking about Apex Legends Mali abilities, Garret said that he has found another section of code that reads 'maali_damage_boost', and according to him, "his abilities Marley may have a damage boost. See the damage boost may be similar to Bangalore's double-take passive, but don't take this for certain as I'm not 100 percent sure."

As per another dataminer, @humansas_, Apex Legends Season 11 legend will be Ash. claims that he has found the lines of code for Apex Ash's holospray.

All things considered, Apex Legends Mali coming from the Tropical map makes more sense as every new legend comes from the map they release in the same season.

And although there is no sign as to when the new Apex Legend Season 11 legend will be released in the game, yet another playable legend as a feature of Apex Legends Season 11 would surely appear to bode well. 

The new Legend isn't the main update that will probably be coming, as another Apex Legends Tropical map has also been released on the web. 

Shrugtal also affirmed that new codes have been found hinting that the new Apex Legends season 11 map will be called Tropic Island. The found files were named "mp_rr_tropic_island" and "mp_rr_tropic_island_desc" in the data set. 

However, there has been no sign as to when the new Legend might be released to the meta, yet, fans have started responding to the fascinating decision of name for the upcoming character. 

When the news of this new Apex Maali legend reached the Apex Legends community, and a few Apex fans have given their perspectives on the leaked info. 

One fan expects that the new Legend will be "another recon wall hacking legend," with another player discussing how abilities in Apex appear to play a greater job than actual legend and positioning. 

They expressed: "I wouldn't be astounded. I feel like a point and situating assume a lower priority in relation to abilities in Apex excessively much for my liking. Can hardly wait for the Crysis battle royale, it has a chance to be a Battle Royale truly characterized by advance movement." 

More teasers and leaks will be dropping in as we come closer to the release of Apex Legends season 11, so we will probably get to know more about Apex Legends Maali, Mali Apex abilities and then we will update the article with new information.

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