New Valorant map - Fracture release date, design, more

Valorant Fracture map has been officially revealed by Riot, giving details about its release, design, and much more.

Valorant Fracture map
Valorant Fracture map officially announced

Each Valorant map has brought something unique to the game, and Riot has always been top-notch with their map creation so far. Players have gotten the experience of vast scenery in Valorant with Breeze having the bright shores to the Icebox being the icy warehouse.

All the 6 Valorant maps were introduced without any legend up until now, however, few Easter Eggs were introduced somewhere yet not all that much. 

And the devs have finally added another Valorant map - Fracture, to the always-growing map pool. 

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Today, 1st of September 2021, the Riot Games has announced the 7th Valorant map - Fracture. The dazzling vista, Fracture is set to be a secret stash for head-popping sharpshooters and lore hunters, having steeped storytelling and innovative, unique style of play.

Valorant new map - Fracture

Valorant Fracture is an H-shaped map split straight down the center with a completely dry desert on one side and a rich wilderness to the next. This Valorant Fracture map was earlier referred to as Canyon prior to its release. 

Brian Yam, the Lead Artist expresses, "we wanted to make a particular visual split for the different sides of the Valorant map Fracture to recommend that a mishap happened, which brought about a course of events (a fracture) caused by a rift." 

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In contrast to some other Valorant maps, the Attackers will spawn on the two sides of the Valorant Fracture map, and the middle area will be filled with Defenders. And to help players transit from one space of the new Valorant map onto the other side somewhat simpler, the devs have introduced ziplines that run from one side to the next.

Joe Lansford, the Level Designer stated, "The thought for the Fracture map came from a straightforward question: 'What if' "

He expressed, "Imagine a scenario in which attackers spawn on the two sides of the map, squeezing defenders in between? We truly wanted that players reevaluate some crucial suppositions and give them new and unique issues to solve." 

Valorant map - Fracture Release date 

Wednesday, 8th of September 2021 has been announced the official Valorant Fracture map release date. Valorant Fracture will be released with an all-new Battle Pass, Patch 3.05, and Episode 3, Act 2. 

Valorant new map - Fracture, ideal for lore lovers

In addition to the fact that the Valorant Fracture map is a totally different interpretation of the conventional FPS map, however, it's ideally suited for players who love to dive somewhat more profound into Valorant's lore.

Fracture, Valorant map likewise incorporates more lore than any of the past maps. Two mirror variants of the real world, which is basically the setup for the game's bigger story are being featured in the new Fracture map along with the clarification for why two variants of the same Agent may go head to head in a match. 

However, other than the mirror concept, not much is known about the world, yet there are interactable signs stowed around the Fracture map that should reveal some new insight into Valorant's two Earths.

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David Nottingham, the Creative Director said, "our aim was to give players a further look into the conflict between the two universes that were revealed to players after the Duality cinematic reveal. Also, in Valorant Fracture, we see that maybe there are parts of the conflicts not as highly contrasting as they might have seems in the first look."

Moreover, this new Valorant Fracture map has a critical part in the linear timeline of the conflict occurring between Earth and the other mysterious earth that is releasing their own Valorant Agents.

Also, Principal Environmental Artist Brandon Martynoiwicz guarantees that "there are ten Tac-Bears stowed away all through the Fracture map," with these probably being the intuitive components that Riot has guaranteed.

These were all the latest information about the upcoming Fracture Valorant map. Keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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