League of Legends Zaun - release date, trailer, abilities, details revealed so far

New LoL Zaun champion has been teased by the devs and this new AD carry from Runetera’s polluted twin undercity is set to join the list of Summoner’s Rift champions.

LoL Zaun
The new LoL Zaun ADC champion

Riot Games has unveiled several characters in LoL including AkshanViego, and Gwen being the primary characters in the Ruination storyline and recently, the developers have also officially affirmed their upcoming plans for the ADC champion coming in the near future.

Back on September 27, the devs dropped Champion Roadmap which revealed some interesting insights about the upcoming League of Legends' bottom lane marksman champion, next support champion, and Void-based jungler.

The next LoL champion is going to be the new Arcane character now, who is referred to as the 'Zaun ADC' for the time being. This 158th playable champ was teased in Arcane's Netflix trailer before Riot revealed a few more details about this upcoming marksman. 

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So, let's get into the details about this upcoming LoL character Zaun, release date, trailer, abilities, and more.

League of Legends Zaun - The New Marksman 

The developers have shared very few details about the upcoming champion, yet the significant justification for that excitement is the appearance of Zaun in the Arcane Netflix trailer that just shows them masked.

This Arcane trailer showcased different characters including fighting sisters Jinx and Vi with green electric attacks and skyboarding across Zaun. Considering the famous sisters cross paths with the Zaun underworld, it's probable this new marksman is working for the city's Chembarons as a recruited champion.

League of Legends Zaun champions- Release Date

Ryan revealed that LoL Zaun will be released early next year, i.e., 2022 in the first few patches in Season 12. He stated, "I’m getting amped just thinking about it, and if you are as well, get ready for a hyper new champion very early next year." 

There are likewise chances that players might see the new Zaun champion star in the upcoming Netflix's Arcane series, however, their real Summoner's Rift appearance will probably happen in 2022. 

Like every event, Riot was initially planning to release this new champion at the end of 2021, however, it did not fit the events and hence was pushed a year back. The developer said, "Both of the champions we planned to release towards the end of the year were originally meant to tie into an event, but as development went on it became clear they didn’t quite fit. We felt good about both champions’ directions and didn’t want to change them to fit in with the event, so we decided to stay true to their characters."

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League of Legends' new ADC Zaun - Ride The Lightning

Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, the Lead champion producer discussed the upcoming AD carry "who has been charging up and is rearing to finally get on the Rift." In the Champion Roadmap blog, it has been revealed that the team needed to make a unique and kinetic marksman "who’s always on the move", and plays at a "machine-gun pace".

Now the fans are guessing that this new character can be somewhat similar to Apex Legends' Octane, always filled with energy and always on the go. 

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League of Legends Zaun ADC - Abilities 

As per the recent revelations made by the devs in the League of Legends road map, the new marksman, Zaun will bring "the feeling of a shooter game" to the Rift. 

This statement for the "amped" character proposes a lot of weapon-based attacks and additionally, there will be dashes and some sort of build-up ultimate that detonates. 

In the official blog post, while talking about the upcoming ADC, Reav3 wrote, "We’ll have an electrifying start to 2022 with a brand new bot lane marksman who has been charging up and is rearing to finally get on the Rift. We wanted to create a kinetic marksman who’s always on the move, pulsing with sparky determination."

He further added, "A champ who plays the game at a machine-gun pace and brings the feeling of a shooter game to the roster. We also really wanted to explore more unique basic attack concepts in League."

While discussing LoL Zaun's basic attack, the developer wrote, "For this new champ, we wanted to re-explore the role of the basic attack in a marksman champion’s kit and see if we could completely turn its purpose around."

There were the complete details about League of Legends Zaun, Ride the lightning that has been revealed so far. We will keep updating the article with new info, so keep following.

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