Pokemon Gen 9 release date leaked

Pokemon Gen 9 release is happening sooner than expected as per a prominent Pokeman leaker.

Pokemon Gen 9
Pokemon Gen 9

Back in February 2021, Pokemon Legends Arceus was introduced to the fans and it was declared that the game would be released in 2022. However, it created the impression that Pokemon's 9th gen would be at a loss and will not get a release for the first time in the three-year cycle. 

However, as per the latest leak, Pokemon Gen 9 is indeed in development and it could release soon after the Sinnoh open-world title. 

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Pokemon Gen 9 release date leak 

Pokemon Sword and Shield was released back in 2019, and many fans expected that Pokemon Gen 9 would hit stores in the Fall of 2022. However, Game Freak reported in February that they would be working on another project, many years after the predictable release cycles. 

Moreover, it was also revealed that the organization wouldn't be working with the most expected Sinnoh remakes, rather they would be giving ILCA(third-party studio) the responsibility of the Diamond and Pearl remake. 

However, after lots of speculation, ongoing rumors, and reports, a popular Pokemon leaker, CentroLeaks has revealed in a Twitter post that Game Freak is actually working on the Pokemon Gen 9.

He additionally revealed the potential Pokemon Gen 9 release date, and stated, "Not DLC. Gen 9 is next in 2022." And while talking about the alleged Pokemon Gen 9 development status, the leaker claimed that "Gen 9 is well in development and targeting a 2022 release as of a couple months ago, but don’t know if plans have changed."

However, the data has come from the leaks that are subjected to change, so, players should think about it with a grain of salt as Game Freak is yet to announce anything officially.

But Pokemon Gen 9 getting a release seems likely as Nintendo has a past of separating the developers into two groups to deal with both a remaster and an RPG together.

These were all the latest information regarding Pokemon Gen 9. Keep visiting for more details that will be coming soon.

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