Fortnite x Matrix Collaboration - Neo and Trinity Fortnite skin leak

Fortnite x Matrix collaboration is probably happening soon, and players will get to see Fortnite Neo and Trinity skin as per the latest leak.

Fortnite x Matrix collaboration
Fortnite x Matrix collab, Neo and Trinity skin leaked

Fortnite Season 8 has already begun and players were able to see a lot of collaboration content in this new season including heaps of Balenciaga skins that were sold in the Fortnite item shop which was a result of the Fortnite x Balenciaga collaboration.

However, as Fortnite has become so popular with its collaborative events, skins, and much more, it almost seems impossible to not get new Fortnite collaboration news. In the past players got famous faces such as Loki skin Fortnite, Fortnite LeBron James skin, Gamora Fortnite skin, Ariana Grande skin, and many more

And now a new Fortnite leak has been making rounds, that is about the Fortnite x Matrix collaboration, and according to this leak, fans can soon see Neo and Trinity from the Matrix series joining the Fortnite item shop.

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Fortnite x Matrix Collaboration - Neo and Trinity Fortnite skin

A prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX tweeted on the 18th of November 2021 that all the recent sources hint at the Fortnite x Matrix collaboration.

As per HYPEX, the Neo and Trinity may be the forthcoming Fortnite Matrix skins. Moreover, The Matrix Resurrections is set to release soon, so the leak does make sense.

Fortnite Neo and Trinity skin release date

While the dataminers of Fortnite always attempt to dig up some new information, the sources of HYPEX have claimed that Neo and Trinity skin release date will be scheduled somewhere in the second half of December.

Fans will get The Matrix Resurrections movie on 22nd December, so the likeliness of getting the Matrix x Fortnite collab in the second half is quite high.

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The leak initially came from renowned Fortnite leaker HYPEX and then iFireMonkey and ShiinaBR likewise gave their confirmation to it.

Other than the information regarding Trinity and Neo Fortnite skin found in the game files, no details were revealed about the exact Trinity and Neo Fortnite skin release date, or how to get them.

Other than this, fans are also co-relating Donald Mustard's tweet from September, where he said that "The Matrix is tied for my favorite movie of all time (the other being Raiders Of The Lost Ark)." Back then also, many fans took the hint of getting a Matrix x Fortnite collab, and now the players are certain that it was a tease for a new Neo and Trinity skin.

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These were the complete details that have been revealed so far about the upcoming Fortnite Matrix collab. We will keep updating the article whenever new information comes up.

Other than the collab, there are rumors that Fortnite Chapter 3 is all set to show up soon. HYPEX even revealed the Fortnite Chapter 3 release date, and according to him, the 7th of December 2021 will be the release date for Fortnite Chapter 3.

With all the new leaks dropping, it seems like the month of December is going to be a busy month for Epic and Fortnite players both.

However, Epic Games is yet to confirm the release of a new chapter and addition of the Trinity and Neo Fortnite skin, hence players should think about it with a grain of salt and should wait to get an official Trinity and Neo Fortnite skin release date.

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