Genshin Impact Eula, Albedo - weapon banner and featuring characters leaked

Genshin Impact Eula and Albedo banner along with featuring characters and weapon banner leaked. 

Genshin Impact 2.3 Eula and Albedo banner and featuring 4-star characters leaked

Genshin Impact players will soon get update 2.3 and the Inazuma update will end around late November, and miHoYo has finally revealed new info about this upcoming update.

Currently, Genshin Impact 2.2 update is live and the 24th of November 2021 has been announced as the official Genshin 2.3 patch release date, and this new update is set to bring new banners, characters, furniture, and much more.

However, new rumors have started making rounds about the featured Genshin 2.3 rerun 4-star characters. Several leakers left the Genshin Impact "leaking" community, however, a few of them have returned and several datamined info and leaks have been revealed. 

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So let's get to know what has been revealed so far about the Eula and Albedo weapon banner and featuring 4-star characters

Genshin Impact Eula and Albedo banner - Featuring characters

A known Genhsin leaker, Ubatcha has revealed Eula and Albedo weapon banner and featuring 4-star characters. The leak was originally shared on the popular Wangsheng Funeral Parlor channel and then was further shared on the Genshin subreddit account. 

In the post, the fans were informed that the original leak has come from Russian leaker Mia. He additionally clarified that both Eula banner (Born of Ocean Swell banner) and Albedo banner will feature the same 4-star characters. 

As per the leaked info, players will get to see the following 4-star characters on Albedo and Eula banners:

  1. Bennett – Pyro user
  2. Rosaria – Cyro user
  3. Noelle – Geo user

Other than characters, the leak also revealed details about the Genshin Impact Eula and Albedo weapon. 

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Genshin Impact Eula and Albedo weapon banner

As per the leaked info, the Eula and Albedo's weapon banner will incorporate:

  • Song of Broken Pines + Freedom Sworn (5-star weapon)
  • Alley Hunter, Lions Roar, Dragons Bane, Wine and Song, Sacrificial Greatsword (4-star weapon)

The Song of Broken Pines is considered to be the best-in-slot weapon for Eula, whereas the Freedom Sworn will be best utilized by Kazuha. And in case this leak actually turns out to be true, then this will be the very first rerun for both 5-star weapons on 2.3 weapon banner.

For further details on Genshin Impact 2.3 Alley Hunter, Freedom Sworn weapon, visit.

However, similar to all the leaks, players should this Genshin Impact Eula and Albedo banner leak with a grain of salt until miHoYo officially reveals any details.

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