Dedenne - How To Find, Catch, Shiny Dedenne, More

Pokemon Go Dedenne has, at last, made its debut via the Festival of Lights events and players are more than excited to catch one.

Dedenne Pokemon
Dedenne Pokemon

Currently, Pokemon Go players have Festival of Lights events to enjoy, as Niantic introduced the event to celebrate the Indian festival of lights - Diwali, bringing the Legendary Swords of Justice trio back into 5-Star Raids, adding heaps of rewards, and much more.

However, the most interesting element that Niantic is introducing is the appearance of Dedenne! Trainers will be able to catch the Kalos region double Electric/Fairy-type mouse Dedenne, also called the Antenna Pokemon and the devs have chosen the Festival of Lights events to mark the debut of the Dedenne Pokemon.

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So, let's get to know how to find and catch Pokemon Go Dedenne, details about Shiny Dedenne, and more. 

How to get Pokemon Go Dedenne

Trainers have three fundamental ways if they want to get Dedenne Pokemon during the Festival of Lights events. And these 3 ways are: 

  1. Encounter in the wild.
  2. Defeating Dedenne in a 1-Star Raid Battle.
  3. Reward for completing specific Field Research tasks.

Encountering Dedenne Pokemon in the wild is the simplest way, yet trainers should keep in mind that it's all about luck, so it very well may be ideal to opt for 1-Star Raid Battles which can be finished solo as well. 

Pokemon Go Dedenne Counters

In Pokemon Go Raid Battles, the best counters to use against Dedenne are strong Poison and Ground-types, as Dedenne frail against these. Some of the great Dedenne counters are:

  • Excadrill
  • Roserade
  • Gengar
  • Vileplume 

Moreover, trainers should try to catch Dedenne Pokemon as soon as possible as Niantic has not revealed the future of Antenna Pokemon after the Festival of Lights events, yet the chances of Dedenne spawning in the wild after the event are extremely low.

Pokemon Go Shiny Dedenne

Niantic is yet to introduce Shiny Dedenne as it is currently inaccessible in Pokemon Go. But trainers can hope that Shiny Dedenne will be introduced into the game at any special event like Spotlight Hour or Community day events. For now, players should focus on catching Dedene before November 14.

Pokemon Go Dedenne Evolution 

Currently, Niantic has only introduced Dedenne from its Pokemon family, which means Dedenne evolution is currently not available in Pokemon Go – or any game. Similar to Dedenne's shiny form, players can only be hopeful to see Dedenne evolution in the game too.

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