MrBeast's Squid Game sets development have been completed

The first look at MrBeast's Squid Game sets has been shared by him, which seems quite fascinating by the looks of it.

MrBeast Squid Game

MrBeast Squid Game

On October 15, Jimmy Donaldson or popularly known as "MrBeast" reported that he was making his own adaptation of the hit Netflix series, "Squid Game". After that, he revealed that the entire project set will cost him more than $2 million. 

The famous content creator has been working on his Squid Game project for quite a while now, and he also posted photos of the under-development set on November 4, 2021. Presently, with the sets completely being developed, the American YouTuber has claimed that his team was effectively able to construct sets for every one of the games included in the original Netflix series. 

Recently, MrBeast shared a short video of 14-seconds on Twitter which included pictures from the now-finished Squid Game set. 

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MrBeast Squid Game sets 

As mentioned earlier, the new project had cost MrBeast around a month of his time and more than $2 million for the sets. The YouTuber even posted data about a product drop pointed toward fund-raising for the undertaking. However, after spending such an over the top sum, the YouTuber is at long last finished with the development. 

The short Squid Game set video that he shared uncovered sets for the Honeycomb game, the Red Light, Green Light game, and the Marbles game. Moreover, MrBeast has likewise made a set for the convenience of members, and after being inspired by the Netflix series, he likewise added the bunk beds. 

The 14 second long video didn't highlight sets for the tug of war and the glass-stepping stones game, however, MrBeast did guaranteed that he had made real life adaptations of the multitude of games that were included in the hit series.

He revealed that these unrevealed sets looked excessively crazy and he wishes to surprise the fans on the day of the actual launch. 

Despite the huge amount money spent on creating the set, MrBeast has furthermore guaranteed he will giveaway $1.5 million in prize cash. The fans seemed pretty excited with the news, inclined the well known American DJ and artist Marshmello, who congratulated the developer and called the maker a "legend" for really making the sets for the games in general. 

Squid Game was released back in September 2021 on Netflix and has broken various records since its release, hence fans have high expectations from the "Squid Game" game as well.

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