Destiny 2 x Halo Collaboration weapons, dungeon, more

Destiny 2 x Halo collaboration has been confirmed by the devs, as new weapons have been showcased via screenshots.

Destiny 2 x Halo Collaboration weapons
Destiny 2 x Halo Collaboration confirmed

Destiny 2 has been keeping up with its predominance as perhaps the most well-known looter shooter game as every once in a while Bungie drops a few significant updates to shape the fate of Destiny that has kept the fans connected with the game for a long time.

Moreover, fans recently got insights about the upcoming Destiny 2 Season 15, The Witch Queen having huge loads of interesting stuff which seems to have significant changes for the province of Destiny 2.

However, prior to Destiny 2 Season 15 The Witch Queen, fans have Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Event to look forward to. Not much has been revealed by Bungie regarding Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Event that will be happening on the coming Tuesday, yet, players have gotten a sneak peek at the upcoming content via the Steam page for the event, along with some screenshots that reveal some interesting things.

Clearly, Destiny 2 fans are in for a treat as Bungie is preparing for a fascinating collaboration in the forthcoming days with Destiny 2 x Halo Collaboration in the line, bringing new weapons, dungeon, and much more.

Destiny 2 x Halo Collaboration weapons

The new screenshots shared on the Steam page for Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Event have two weapons that seem to be modeled after the Halo Battle Rifle and Covenant Focus Rifle, however, nothing can be assured right now.

Based on the images on the Steam page, known account for reporting Destiny news, DestinyNews+ also shared a post on their Twitter account stating that it has observed an intriguing change on the Steam page of the game.

As per DestinyNews+, the updated screenshots showcases some new shots from the game, where it seems like the Guardians are equipped with a Battle Rifle and Carbine that clearly comes from the Halo games.

So as per the guesses being made, the possible Destiny 2 x Halo Collaboration weapons are:

  • Battle Rifle 
  • Covenant Focus Rifle or Carbine

Other than the collaboration, we also know the name of Destiny 2’s new paid dungeon - Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice, and as per the given description:

"Plunder the new three-player dungeon inspired by famed Cosmodrome loot caves of yore. Reveal a tale of riches and regret as you follow an adventurer who traded his humanity for treasure."

As many fans were speculating, the new additions seem like new features outside the current Witch Queen storyline, which will probably have its own place in the game. And if we add the new Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice dungeon to the "pirate" theme, we clearly have a great story for the players.

We also have the Treasure Galore on the offer, and its description says:

"The Exotic Gjallarhorn returns alongside new weapons, ornament sets, emotes, Sparrows, Ghost Shells, and more. Pack your inventory with rewards that represent 30-years of Bungie, a legendary community, and a birthday party that could only happen starside."

Along with a new dungeon, players are getting the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher, Thorn armor set, and an arsenal of weapons, gear, and cosmetics that are inspired by the past of Bungie's efforts. And those who own the 30th Anniversary Pack will likewise gain access to additional reward chests in the free Dares of Eternity activity.

The official reveal of Destiny 2 x Halo Collaboration will probably happen today as the Steam page has already been updated, yet the actual 30th Anniversary event will kick off on December 7. So fans should definitely look forward to it to explore all the different elements available.

And as Destiny 2 Season 15 is coming close to its release, we will probably get a profound look at the changes in Destiny 2 and we will definitely update the article with the latest and additional data.

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