A new Halo game - Halo: The Endless is possibly in development

A new Halo game is potentially in development as suggested by a new trademark filed by Microsoft.

Halo The Endless
Halo: The Endless, possibly a new game in the Halo series

Halo Infinite was released back on Wednesday on different platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. However, the players were able to get access to Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer mode back on November 15 as it was released via a beta as a part of the Xbox 20th Anniversary celebration.

After the final release of the Halo Infinite game, the web media is filled with positive reviews with different sites giving more 3 star ratings to the game. Moreover, today at the Games Award, Halo Infinite won the "Players' Voice Award" which is a 100% fan-voted award, depicting the excitement of fans for this recently released game.

However, even though the Halo Infinite is brand new and most of the fans are still discovering different aspects of the game, we have a new rumor that soon we will get a new title in the Halo franchise.

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New Halo game is in development

Recently, Aggiornamenti Lumia, a Twitter user who consistently posts listings that are added to the Xbox and Windows stores before they're distributed has revealed that a new trademark has been registered by Microsoft that is related to the Halo franchise.

It was pointed out that Microsoft has filed a trademark for "Halo: The Endless", a new addition in the Halo series on December 3. However, nothing can be said for sure about this new Halo The Endless project as the trademark itself doesn't uncover what this really is.

It is possible that it could be a new Halo game, or, a Halo Infinite sequel, or possibly a Halo Infinite expansion. It is also possible that it actually is the much-talked-about Halo Infinite DLC.

Earlier we had numerous rumors proposing that another Halo game is presently being developed, however, not a mainline addition in the series. Rather, it was suggested that a new spin-off game is underway, and this new leak has paid good heed to rumors.

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Yet it should be noted that the new trademark filed by Microsoft, "Halo: The Endless" doesn't include "Infinite" in it, so it is likewise plausible that this new The Endless project has nothing to do with the Halo Infinite game.

Whatever be the case, it is assumed that Microsoft has some great plans for the new Halo The Endless title as it is important for any organization to demonstrate that they aim to utilize the trademark to register and retain it. So clearly Microsoft has something planned and it is possible that they have already started working on the new Halo: The Endless title, however, who can say for sure what the trademark actually is for.

There likewise a possibility of it being a book or a film or a TV show as Halo is a multi-media establishment, however, the description of the trademark clearly mentions "downloadable game software; computer game software; video game software" which seems to imply that Halo: The Endless is tied to video games and not cross-media efforts.

It would actually be very interesting to see what it turns out to be.

However, these are mere assumptions for now and should be taken with a grain of salt until any official announcement regarding the new Halo The Endless is made. And we will keep updating the article whenever the new Halo: The Endless leaks will be dropping.

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