Apex Legend Season 12 Olympus Map teased via an Instagram ad

Apex Legend Season 12 Olympus Map has been teased via the new Instagram ad, speculates players.

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Apex Legend Season 12 Olympus Map teased

One of the most popular games of this decade, Apex Legends is soon to come up with its 12th season. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale shooting game that has completed its 11 seasons and still has got the same craze amongst gamers.

The 12th and the latest season of the battle royale game is closer to its release. However, new leaks about the upcoming 12th season have already started to generate hype amongst the gamers.

Previously, there were some leaks about Apex Legend Season 12 pointing towards weapons additions such as explosive hop-up and new Laser Sights in the Apex Legends season 12. And now an Instagram ad caught Apex Legend fan’s eyes when it teased the updated Season 12 Olympus map and also the care package update.

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Respawn’s Instagram ad hinting at Apex Legend Season 12 Olympus Map

Recently, Apex Legend posted a blog about the 12th season revelations and gave us many exciting specs about the upcoming game, However, it did not reveal any sort of information about the Olympus Map update.

But now, a sponsored Instagram ad by Respawn Entertainment, the developer company of Apex Legend season 12, has given Apex Legend fans a sneak peek at the new Olympus Map update. Respawn Entertainment made a sponsored story of the ad in celebration of the third anniversary of Apex Legend.

In just a few hours of the ad launch, Apex Legend fans found out details in the ad and anticipated the Olympus Map update.

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What’s in the new Respawn Ad

In the Instagram Ad posted by Respawn Entertainment, you can see some new changes as well as gameplay shots of Season 12 in the Olympus Map.

Also, a popular gaming news informer, Alpha Intel on Twitter posted the ad video and pointed out the new skybox and Olympus surrounding area, “This new Apex Legends ad gives a sneak peek at the Olympus map changes in Season 12. Map is now floating over the city”.

You can also see flying cars in the Olympus maps as well as the city that Olympus floats above.

Moreover, in the final parts of the Apex Season 12 Instagram ad, game legend, Wattson is seen using an Alternator without a barrel on it. In the last season's care package version, the alternator had a barrel on it.

So, Apex Legend fans are believing in a theory that this alternator might be from a new care package update.

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In the previous 11th season of Apex Legends, players did not get to play a lot of duration in the Olympus Map, hence, seeing devs introducing the Season 12 Olympus Map once again is definitely a great moment of joy for Apex Legend fans. Moreover, this Apex Season 12 Olympus Map will also be an updated version, which makes the excitement for Olympus Map double.

So, this is all about the speculation going on about the Apex Legend Season 12 Olympus Map, however, not to forget that neither Apex Legend nor Respawn Entertainment has officially revealed detailed info on the new Olympus Map update.

Therefore, it will still be a period of excitement until the Apex Legend season 12 arrives. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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