Genshin Impact Collei - another possible playable character

Gesnhin Impact Collei can possibly be one of the next playable characters in the game.

Genshin Impact Collei
Genshin Impact Collei leaks have been dropped by the leakers

If you’ve been following the famous action role-playing video game Genshin Impact then you must be aware that every now and then miHoYo releases a new playable character in the game.

Recently miHoYo revealed a new Genshin character Yae Miko, who will be joining the game in the upcoming 2.5 update. Moreover, the Genshin Impact 2.4 update went live recently which at last added the much-awaited Enaknomiya region, along with new characters Shenhe, and Yun Jin to the game.

The list of characters in Genshin Impact is not small, and it is very difficult to keep a count of all of these characters. However, there are still huge loads of more characters scheduled to show up in the game in the coming days.

The recent Genshin Impact leak has revealed that the game may be bringing a new, interesting character in the forthcoming weeks, namely Collei.

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Let’s have a look at the latest Genshin 2.5 leak.


UPDATE: 10/01/22

On Jan 10, @dimbreath revealed that the in-game files mentioning the existence of Collei's Elemental Burst gadgets have been removed from the beta version.

Removal of this data further signifies that indeed Collei is going to be one of the upcoming playable characters as clearly, it was a genuine mistake from the devs and the files mentioning "Collei's gadget" was not just a placeholder.

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Collei Genshin Impact

Another Genshin Impact character that is standing out enough to be noticed, especially since the 2.5 beta has begun is none other than the earlier mentioned Collei.

Collei is one of the primary characters from the Genshin Impact manga, however, she is quite different from the characters in the game as Collei didn't have any abilities when she was born.

Now the latest Genshin Impact 2.5 leaks have found some in-game files of Collei's Elemental Burst gadget, which has driven various players to conjecture that she could be one of the playable characters in the main Genshin Impact game.

A well-known Genshin Impact leaker, @dimbreath shared new info on their Twitter account revealing that they have found a few in-game files "about one of Collei Elemental Burst gadgets." However, the leaker wasn't able to dig up more information about this.

Dim stated, "I've had people ask what a Gadget is. In this case, it seems to be some sort of "item" used on the Elemental Burst. Sadly at the moment, I haven't found anything else regarding Collei in the files."

Soon after posting a few leaks, @dimbreath deactivated their account, but fans were able to take screenshots of the posted Genshin Impact Collei leaks.

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Genshin Impact Collei release date

miHoYo has still maintained its silence about the official Genshin Impact Collei release date, however, that hasn't stopped the Collei leaks from flowing in.

Collei is not a playable character in Genshin Impact as of now, however, this doesn't imply that miHoYo is not planning to add the character in a future update. There are many characters that have shown up in the Genshin Impact manga, with various of them probably becoming playable later on.

Moreover, as Collei is the main protagonist of the manga and the story actually revolves around her, getting her as a playable character in the game at some point is highly likely. Players should likewise take note that after the manga’s events, Genshin Impact Collei is supposed to be in the Sumeru region, which is speculated to be the next area in the main Genshin Impact game.

Adding to the list of possibilities, we also have Genshin Impact Cyno - a scholar from Sumeru Academia who helped Collie in the manga game. Now Cyno was originally showed up in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview, which displayed various upcoming characters.

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Genshin Impact Collei Profile

Prior to the announcement of the main Genshin Impact game on June 8, 2019, miHoYo published a manga in 2018, and Genshin Impact Collei is one of the characters from this manga.

Collei is a green-haired young lady who was born sickly without any abilities and to save her from unavoidable demise, the parents of Collei gave her to a Fatui scientist - Barnabas. Barnabas who was trusted by Collei's parents transformed Collei into a test subject for his brutal experiments.

However, after some time, Collei figured out how to get away from the Fatui's grip, and now she erratically roams through Teyvat.

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Although Collei didn't have any Vision of her own when she was born, the Archon Residue trials by Barnabas gave her some extraordinary powers that permit her to summon powerful magical abilities.

Now, even if Collei has some magical abilities, this doesn't imply that Collei will be a playable character anytime soon.

It is believed that if Collei is to get a release then she will probably be released in the Genshin Impact 2.5 update, as the Sumeru region is scheduled for the 2.5 update. However, players should keep in mind that miHoYo can even decide to release Collei later on in the game similar to Shenhe, as Shenhe was data-mined at release over a year ago but has been released now.


We'll make sure to keep you updated with the latest information regarding Genshin Impact, so keep following. Till then, you can also check the latest Genshin Impact leaks about the upcoming characters: Heizou, Fu Hua [Yelan], Kuki Shinobu, and much more.

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