League of Legends ARURF mode 2022 - release date, features, more

League of Legends ARURF Mode 2022, its release date, and many other details have been revealed by the devs.

League of Legends ARURF Mode
League of Legends URF mode 2022 details revealed

There is no doubt that League of Legends is one of the most popular games among gamers. Gamers all around the globe highly anticipate any new update in the game. And now, League of Legends is again bringing a new update with its newly rotating game mode, ARURF.

ARURF also known as All Round Ultra Rapid Fire, is League of Legends’ next game mode in which players will be assigned champions randomly. Earlier, the game used to have a URF game mode in which players were enabled to select their own champions for the game.

This new game mode has now officially been confirmed by the lead game designer of League of Legends, Reina Sweet. Recently, she tweeted, “ARURF is now active on the PBE”.

Read on to find out everything we know about the new League of Legends ARURF Mode, and the features that it will bring.

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League of Legends ARURF Mode 2022 Details

As mentioned earlier, in the new League of Legends ARURF Mode, players will be randomly assigned champions. Moreover, the ARURF Mode will be played on the Summoner’s Rift.

Game designer, Reina Sweet also confirmed that there will be no specific changes for champions in the new ARURF Mode. In the new mode, champions will be able to have a movement speed of +60 and also can possess +25% tenacity. Talking about haste, there will be more than 300 ability haste, item haste, and also summoner spell haste.

Apart from all these, if you are a ranged champion, your bonus attack speed will be doubled and if you are a melee champion, you’ll be having a bonus attack speed up to 1.5 times with this new LoL ARURF mode. The new rotating game mode will also be having an increased number of cap levels as it is now raised to the 30th level.

Players will now be able to perform normal surrender at 10 minutes and unanimous surrender at 8 minutes. Moreover, if you get assigned a Mana champion, your bonus Mana will be converted to HP at a 40% rate and your Bonus Mana regen will be converted into HP at a 100% rate. There will be a 100% reduction in energy and Mana consumption.

The previous LoL game mode used to have a charge rate of 75 seconds, however, in ARURF LoL 2022, this rate is reduced to 30 seconds, and also, the cooldown period between two changes will now be 10 seconds rather than the normal 15 seconds.

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League of Legends ARURF Mode release date

Now you must be wondering "When will URF come back in 2022?" So, according to the statements by the game officials, January 21st, 2022 has been decided as the official League of Legends ARURF Mode release date, which is the same day of LoL patch 12.2 release.

The upcoming URF League of Legends 2022 will go hand to hand with the lunar event, which means the ARURF Mode will be available to play during the whole Lunar Event and will also end with the end of the latter.


If we consider the information that is coming about the upcoming URF 2022 in League of Legends, the new rotating game mode seems to be a new experience for gamers as well as their gaming skills. Moreover, not having the ability to select your champion might be challenging for players.

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Other than the LoL ARURF Mode, Riot has also released a bunch of videos today, revealing the upcoming content for 2022 including new skins, a new champion, gameplay changes, system changes, themes, and much more.

And all of these seem to be very promising as it seems like gamers are going to be hooked up to their gaming screens to explore all the new content that the LoL devs have to offer.

Well, there you have it. Everything we know so far about the new LoL ARURF mode and the elements that it will bring. Be sure to check it out when it releases. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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