League of Legends Season 12 champion skins, release date, price, leaks, more

League of Legends Season 12 champion skins have been revealed including Crystal Rose, Withered Rose, Firecracker, and more.

League of Legends Season 12 skins
League of Legends Season 12 skins have been revealed

League of Legends Season 12 has already been released, and Riot Games has already revealed a few changes coming in the Summoner's Rift in the 2022 preseason. A few of the most prominent changes of the 2022 preseason were the presentation of a couple of Mythic and Legendary items, new objective bounties, and brand new Chemtech and Hextech dragon.

There were numerous fans who showcased their disappointment in the objective bounties which made Riot nerf Chemtech Dragon soul and some other champions in the 11.24 patch. The 11.24b patch brought nerfed soloq predominant champions like Lux, Vayne, and Kassadin.

Now before the new season begins, we have new LoL leaks that uncover the potential champions who will be getting new skins in 2022 including Withered Rose, the Crystal Rose, Firecracker, Porcelain, Star Guardians, and more.

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League of Legends 2022 skins

Recently players got League of Legends season 12, and even the Season 12 patch 12.1 was released yesterday, however, there are numerous leaks regarding the upcoming champion release, champions nerfs, and champion skins.

It has been revealed that players will first get the Zaun ADC Zeri, and then a support champion a month later, along with Shurima Tank, and Void monster Jungler. In addition, we also have Aurelion Sol and Jax who will possibly get a rework in 2022.

Other than the champion and champion rework, we have several leaks that suggest which all champion skins are in the pipeline for 2022. The recent couple of years has been unbelievable for Riot Games as the devs have released numerous League of Legends champion skins. Players got to enjoy several returning skins, newly introduced skins along with a few event thematic-focused skins.

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Now Riot has revealed a list of upcoming League of Legends Season 12 skins that players will be able to explore in the game.

League of Legends Season 12 skins (official)

  • League of Legends Crystal Rose skins

The first up in the list is the most recently revealed Crystal Rose 2022 skins. Riot recently revealed the champions getting Crystal Rose skins, however, earlier data miners were also able to find two champions that will be getting the Crystal Rose skins in 2022.

As per the official reveal, the champions getting Crystal Rose skins are:

  1. Crystal Rose Janna
  2. Crystal Rose Akshan

  • League of Legends Withered Rose skins

Other than Crystal Rose skins, we also had leaks regarding Withered Rose 2022 skins, and leakers were able to find two champions for the Withered Rose skins as well. Although, Riot has only announced on champion having Withered Rose skin - Elise, yet as per the leaks, the champions getting Withered Rose skins are:

  1. Withered Rose Elise
  2. Withered Rose Zeri

Crystal Rose and Withered Rose skins release date

There’s no official announcement from Riot as of now, however, the Crystal Rose and Withered Rose skins release date should be January 21, 2022, as LoL patch 12.2 is scheduled to release then.

Crystal Rose and Withered Rose skins price

As mentioned earlier, Riot revealed skins for Janna, Akshan, and Elise. So the prices of these skins would be:

  1. Crystal Rose Janna skin - 1350 RP
  2. Crystal Rose Akshan skin - 1350 RP
  3. Withered Rose Elise skin - 1350 RP

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  • League of Legends Firecracker skins

With the Withered Rose and Crystal Rose skins, we also have Firecracker skins or Lunar Revel skins that are usually released by Riot to celebrate the Chinese new year in the LoL game.

So as per the official announcement, the champions getting Firecracker 2022 skins are:

  1. Firecracker Sett
  2. Firecracker Teemo
  3. Firecracker Tristana
  4. Firecracker Xin Zhao
  5. Firecracker Diana

Firecracker skins release date

Players will get the Firecracker skins along with the Withered Rose and Crystal Rose skins, i.e. in patch 12.2. So Friday, 21 January 2022, will be the Firecracker skins release date.

Firecracker skins price

  1. Firecracker Sett - 1350 RP  
  2. Firecracker Teemo - 1350 RP
  3. Firecracker Tristana - 1350 RP  
  4. Firecracker Xin Zhao - 1350 RP  
  5. Firecracker Diana - 1350 RP  

  • League of Legends Porcelain skins

Now, Riot is all set to release a new skin line in the game as well called Porcelain skins. And the champions that will be offered to the players with the Porcelain 2022 skins are:

  1. Porcelain Amumu
  2. Porcelain Kindred
  3. Porcelain Lissandra
  4. Porcelain Ezreal
  5. Porcelain Lux + Prestige

Porcelain skins release date

Similar to the Withered Rose, Crystal Rose, and Firecracker skins, Porcelain skins should also release with patch 12.2. So Friday, 21 January 2022, will be the Firecracker skins release date.

Porcelain skins price

  1. Porcelain Amumu - 1350 RP (Epic)
  2. Porcelain Ezreal - 1820 RP (Legendary)
  3. Porcelain Kindred - 1350 RP (Epic)
  4. Porcelain Lissandra - 1350 RP (Epic)
  5. Porcelain Lux Prestige Edition - 2000 event point
  6. Porcelain Lux - 1350 RP (Epic)

League of Legends 2022 skins leaks

Now with the coming seasons and patches, players can likewise anticipate something similar, as the leaks suggest that Riot is all set to introduce different League of Legends 2022 skins. However, there's likewise a possibility that a few of the below-mentioned skins may or may not be released in League of Legends.

Other than the new LoL skin line, we also have a possibility of seeing the High Noon skin line making a return to League of Legends. And as per the leaks, we will probably get to see the High Noon 2022 skins in a new event in February 2022.

Another champion that will be getting skin in 2022 is Xayah, as there's a possibility that a prestige edition skin will be given to Brave Pheonix Xayah. We also have leaks regarding League of Legends Star Guardian skins as it has been in the speculations since last year. So possibly a new event in Summer 2022 will bring Star Guardian skins.

We also have chances of seeing Furry 2022 skins as Riot conducted a survey last year showcasing six skin concepts for both Lux and Yasuo and The Virtuosos, The Inner Wild, and Furry were all part of this survey.

Although there are tons of leaks that strongly suggest that players will be getting the above-mentioned LoL 2022 skins, we can not ignore the fact that there are still no official statements by the game developers and creators whether the leaks are real or not. So, players should think about the leaked info with a grain of salt.

There were the complete details about League of Legends Season 12 skins that have been revealed so far. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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