Pokemon Go Diglett Spotlight Hour January 2022 schedule

Pokemon Go Spotlight January 2022 schedule has been revealed, and players will be getting a new pokemon every week.

Pokemon Go Diglett Spotlight Hour
Pokemon Go Diglett Spotlight Hour

Niantic has revealed their Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour plan for January 2022. With Solosis, Diglett, Plusle, and more showing up, and there's a lot to anticipate.

The Spotlight Hour is one of the weekly events that Niantic has in Pokemon Go. Every week, an alternate Pokemon will get a turn to be the center of attention, offering an exceptionally boosted spawn rate and a unique twofold bonus.

Trainers got the opportunity to grab Cubchoo in the last spotlight hour for the month of December. And then in the month of January, trainers will be able to catch the generation V, Psychic-type Pokemon, Solosis in the first Spotlight Hour.

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For 60 minutes, trainers will find the opportunity to get many Pokemon of a particular species, offering the ideal chance to the trainers to fill up their Pokedex and acquire sufficient Candy to evolve the pokemon.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022 went live on Tuesday, 4th of January 2022, and the first Pokemon to show up in Pokemon Go January Spotlight 2022 was Solosis.

Now next up we have Diglett, and the Diglett Pokemon will show up in the wild for a brief timeframe on January 11, between 6PM-7PM local time. This implies you'll have the option to participate and get it any place you are playing on the planet.

Players will additionally get to snatch 2x Catch Stardust as a component of the event rewards.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022 Schedule

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022 Schedule

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Instructions to get ready for Diglett Spotlight Hour

Since the Diglett Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour event only lasts for 60 minutes, so it is essential to be pre-prepared and follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Gather plenty of Pokemon Candy to proceed with Diglett evolution into Dugtrio Pokemon Go.
  • At the minimum, spend your Pokecoins on two Incense.
  • Be certain of having a sufficient amount of storage in your Pokemon Storage Box.
  • Carry plenty of Poke Balls with you.
  • And in the game, collect plenty of Pokecoins.

And these Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours are the ideal time for trainers to use any spare items like Lucky Eggs or Star Pieces to increase the XP that they will earn during the event.

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Pokemon Go Shiny Diglett

Shiny Diglett, the Kanto region Pokemon was introduced in the game back in 2019 in the Earth Day event of Pokemon Go. As Shiny Diglett is introduced in the game, we likewise have Shiny Dugtrio.

Fortunately, it's not very difficult to encounter a Diglett. However, if trainers wish to catch Shiny Diglett, they need to grind a bit and should roam around the map during this January Spotlight Hour to encounter 100s of Shiny Diglett.

Shiny Pokemon usually have different color tones and are generally very uncommon, and that is the same case with Shiny Diglett. The overall appearance of Shiny Diglett is similar to the standard Diglett, however, the only spottable difference in a Shiny Diglett is that it has a blue nose instead of a pink one.

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Diglett Evolution - Dugtrio

Diglett evolution is Dugtrio and to carry out the Diglett evolution into Dugtrio, it will cost trainers 50 Diglett candies.

Diglett evolution into Dugtrio occurs at level 26 and the appearance of Diglett evolution - Dugtrio can clear be noticed as Dugtrio is a set of Diglett triplets sharing a single body. Each head of Dugtrio has black eyes, brown skin, and a round pink nose.

The Alolan Diglett evolution - Alolan Dugtrio also has the same appearance as the standard Dugtrio, however, the only difference is that they have additional yellow hairs.

However, trainers will get the great opportunity to encounter the Diglett evolution into Dugtrio in Diglett Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour without much hard work.

Along with the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour, there will likewise be a Pokemon Go January Community Day event from the 16th of January 2022 at 11 am till 5 pm local time featuring Spheal. These events are intended to offer trainers more chances to get, evolve, and battle with the pokemon.

During the Spotlight Hour, the spawn rates are boosted, hence it is an ideal chance to catch some rare and shiny variants of Pokemon and fill up your Pokedex.

Till then you can check out our other guides for different Pokemon like Dedenne, Zamazenta, Zacian, Palkia, Kabuto, Chimchar, and much more. We'll make sure to update you with the latest Pokemon News, so keep following.

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