Sony rumored to be planning a PlayStation State of Play event soon

The next PlayStation State of Play is rumored to be in the pipeline and will possibly be announced soon.

PlayStation State of Play 2022 event
PlayStation State of Play 2022 is rumored to be happening soon

It doesn’t matter if you are a PlayStation gamer or any other console gamer, a PlayStation event always brings up a lot of excitement. And when there are so many highly anticipated games to launch this year, the excitement for an event is on another level.

PlayStation conducts a live event show popularly known as State of Play Event in which it showcases the updates and specs about different games coming to the console.

At end of October 2021, PlayStation had its previous State of Play Event revealing a ton of information to its fans on games such as Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, Death’s Door, First Class Trouble, and more.

Now deeming that the last event happened three months ago, it is safe to expect that a new PlayStation State of Play Event might happen soon, maybe at the end of January or the start of February.

Moreover, it’s a new rumor that has surfaced in the gaming industry revealing that a new PlayStation State of Play Event is going to take place soon. Well, if true, it's a great thing for PlayStation gamers as many great exclusives are anticipated such as HogwartsLegacy, God of War: Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7, etc.

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PlayStation State of Play Event February 2022 - Insider Claims

The rumor about the PlayStation event 2022 surfaced when, AccountNGT, a widely popular game informer, answered a question on his Twitter account.

In a recent Q&A session on his Twitter, when asked about any details about the PlayStation Event 2022, AccountNGT answered that “it's coming”. Further, he also mentioned that he would have a lot to share about the PlayStation Station of Play Event once it will be officially announced.

Moreover, NGT also answered another question on his Twitter saying, “Tom Henderson also confirmed to me that the PS5 event is set to take place soon”. Tom Henderson, is another popular name amongst the gaming industry known for his trusted industry insider leaks about big games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc.

In response to this, TomHenderson also stated, "The current rumor is that the next Sony event looks like it could be in February based on this month's media events and past PlayStation dates. It'll probably be the State of Play, but it has the potential to be a pretty big one IMO."

As far as the reliability of these sources is concerned, there is no need for concern. Those who keep themselves up-to-date on games’ news know that AccNGT was the one who leaked the Star Wars Eclipse’s information as well as some GTA VI development updates. And there's no need for an introduction of Tom Henderson.

Hence, if such big names are verifying such news, it is a huge possibility that the event will soon be happening.

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Even if these speculated rumors are verified by some popular and trusted gaming industry names, they still are only rumors as there are still no official statements by SONY on the PlayStation State of Play Event.

Moreover, for the fans of Sony’s Playstation, the past year was somewhat of a roller coaster as two of the most awaited games, God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West which were scheduled to be released in 2021 got delayed. However, they did get Returnal, an exclusive PlayStation 5 video game.

So if the State of Play Event February 2022 leak is true, then we can expect SONY to announce something about the event soon. One thing is sure, whenever the event may happen, it will bring up a lot of wonderful announcements for PlayStation gamers about their favorite games.

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