Dead Island 2 Could be releasing next year

Wait for Dead Island 2 might be over soon.

Deal Island 2 Release date
Dead Island 2 might release next year

According to statements from Deep Silver's parent firm Embracer Group, Dead Island 2 might be released next year.

On Thursday, at an Embracer financial presentation, the host of a Q&A session commented on the previous speculation over whether the game was still alive or not, before guessing that it will be launched during the company's next fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2023.

Dead Island is a 2011 action role-playing game developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver. The game, which is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, focuses on the difficulty of surviving a zombie-infested open world, with a strong emphasis on physical fighting. The narrative revolves around four playable survivors attempting to survive and flee the fictitious island of Banoi.

The game was revealed during the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo, although it was not released until 2011. The game's cinematic launch video sparked outrage due to its image of a deceased kid. However, the trailer received good feedback, with acclaim going to the emotional impact, animation, and plot, with the trailer being regarded as one of the finest in any medium. In 2011, the game was launched.

North America, Europe in September, and Japan in October. Despite the positive pre-release buzz, the game garnered largely mixed reviews. While it was acclaimed for its mood, gameplay, and playable characters, it was also panned for major technical issues and in-game errors, aesthetics, and, most significantly, for lacking the emotional undertones depicted in the trailer.

Dead Island has an apparent open-world wandering, split by somewhat vast sections, and is played in the first person. The majority of the gameplay revolves around combat and fulfilling quests. Dead Island is an action role-playing game with an emphasis on experience. By accomplishing missions and destroying adversaries, the player gains XP. When a player levels up, they gain energy and can invest one ability point into a skill tree to level up one of their skills.

Hints about Dead Island 2

Oscar Erixon, equity research analyst at Carnegie asked that. “So, is that reasonable and what can we expect from a title that has been in development for probably 10 years or so?” Lars Wingefors(Embracer CEO) answered:

“I can’t talk about Dead Island 2 because it’s not announced as such from the publisher. But we have just talked about we have one unannounced AAA title. that you think is Dead Island 2, so it’s hard for me to comment further on that. But I am excited about unannounced titles,” “Great, I’m excited you’re excited,” Erixon responded.

While without officially confirming anything, the chat conveyed the idea that Dead Island 2's launch might finally be there on the verge.

Dead Island 2 was initially announced in 2014 and has since seen a number of delays and development changes. It was initially under development at Spec Ops, before being taken over by Sumo Digital. In 2019 the development was taken over by Dambuster, Deep Silver’s internal studio.

In a YouTube video last week, industry insider Tom Henderson stated that he'd been chatting with individuals close to the game's production and that it's supposedly in good shape. He said that “According to everyone that I’ve been speaking to… the game is in a decent state, and it could be announced pretty soon with some kind of gameplay trailer”.

He also said that“A release date is expected to be somewhere in Q4 2022, possibly leading up to next year if there are any problems with the development cycle.”

Henderson also shed some light on the game's narrative and beginnings.“You’re on a plane and there’s a zombie outbreak on a plane… eventually, the plane crashes into Hollywood, you survive and it’s then your job to survive on the ground.”

When the game was initially announced, the narrative was believed to focus around the United States Armed Forces quarantining California. Publishers have shown some positive signs about the seriousness of developing Dead Island 2.

So we can say that the long wait for Dead island 2 is going to be over soon and the fans will get to play this long-delayed hyped game. And the fans also crave to play Dead Island 2 after playing Dead Island and want the publishers to launch the game as soon as possible.

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