Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite - location, evolution, how to catch, more

Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite, the Gen 1 Pokemon is wanted by a lot of players, and the Magnemite evolutions are likewise in demand.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite, Pokemon Legends Magnemite location, Pokemon Legends Magnemite evolution, how to catch magnemite in Pokemon legends arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite

Back in February 2021, Pokemon Legends Arceus was introduced to the fans and Game Freak took quite some time to give updates on the much-awaited project. Hence fans were eagerly waiting for the Pokemon Legends release, the 2022 Nintendo Switch title.

The Pokemon Legends Arceus game was finally released on January 28th, enabling them to explore the world of Pokemon and catch as many of them as possible.

The list of Pokemon available in the Pokemon Legends Arceus game is quite large, yet players would definitely want to catch each one of these available Pokemon, including the popular Magnemite Pokemon.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, there's an even greater emphasis on capturing 'em all than in previous games in the franchise, thus finding out where each species may be found is crucial for filling your Pokedex and improving your Star Rank.

If you've been having trouble finding Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus, it's likely since it requires a specific approach, but we do have an idea where to discover one.

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Pokemon Legends Magnemite Location

Though some Pokemon, such as Starly and Bidoof are available right away, others only arise in specified circumstances. Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus is a good illustration of this, as one can only find Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite during a Space-Time Distortion.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Cobalt Coastlands is the only Magnemite location where players will be able to find it. Cobalt Coastlands is the third wild region that will be made accessible to the players as they advance through the main plot.

However, it is suggested not to waste time scouting the area under regular circumstances, as Magnemite can only be found in Space-Time Distortions, the strange purple rifts where high-level Pokemon and unique goods like Shards can be found.

When a Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortion appears, players will be warned about its formation and it will be marked on the map. It's best to get to the Space-Time Distortion as soon as possible because they don't last long!

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Catching a number of wild Pokemon will hasten the formation of a Space-Time Distortion and waiting for a Mass Outbreak in the area is a smart approach to achieve this, as it will provide you with plenty of catching opportunities.

Catching a Magnemite isn't such a difficult task as Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite spawns often inside Cobalt Coastlands' Space-Time Distortions, so you shouldn't even have too much trouble finding one.

Pokemon Legends Magnemite Evolution - Magneton

Now that we are well aware of Pokemon Legends Magnemite location, we should head over to Pokemon Legends Magnemite evolution.

  • Magnemite Evolution - Magneton

Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite can evolve into Magneton, which further evolves into Magnezone.

In order to carry out Legends Arceus Magnemite evolution into Magneton one must train it to Level 30 before it may evolve. However, if players were able to catch a Pokemon Legends Magnemite in a Space-Time Distortion, then it will most likely be levelled up enough to evolve right away.

It's worth noting that Magneton - Magnemite's evolution can likewise occasionally spawn inside Space-Time Distortions at Cobalt Coastlands, however, encountering Magnemite's evolution has a lesser possibility as compared to Magnemite itself.

Once players are done with Legends Arceus Magnemite evolution into Magneton, they can look forward to Magneton's evolution into Magnezone.

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Magneton Evolution - Magnezone

Players must take their Magneton to Coronet Highlands and level it up by one level in battle to evolve it into its final evolution, Magnezone. After that, you'll have the opportunity to evolve.

Moreover, if players wish to opt for the method of giving Magneton a Thunder Stone, they can do so too, but they'll have to find one first. There is no minimum level required, for Magneton's evolution regardless of which method they go ahead with.

Moreover, if you are eager to see the evolve Magnezone altogether, then Coronet Highlands will be the ideal Magnezone location as they can be seen flying around the skies above Coronet Highlands, though this isn't a typical sighting and catching the Pokemon Legends Magnezone from such a distance will require a Jet Ball.

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These are all the details regarding Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite, including "Where to find Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus", "How to evolve Magnemite into Magneton in Pokemon Legends Arceus", and "How to evolve Magneton into Magnezone in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Since the game has already been released worldwide, fans should definitely try out the game and explore the different regions and Pokemon available in the Pokemon Legends Arceus game.

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