New Sims 4 DLC - My Wedding Stories Game Pack leak

New Sims 4 DLC - My Wedding Stories Game Pack details have been leaked prior to the official release.

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New Sims 4 DLC pack has been leaked

The Sims 4 is a social simulation game published by Electronic Arts and developed by Maxis. It was released back in September 2014 and is the fourth major title in The Sims series.

The sequel to The Sims 3, The Sims 4 currently has over 40 total expansions, stuff packs, game packs, and kits to give Simmers a whole lot to do. Going from gameplay mods that improve UI, overhaul the emotions system, or expand occults like Mermaids, the modding community has a lot to explore in the game.

It has almost been 22 years since The Sims series has been made available to the players, which makes the fourth edition even more interesting. However, fans keep on demanding new DLC packs and editions from the developers as a new edition or Sims DLC pack will bring in a lot of new content.

However, now it seems like fans can get their wish fulfilled as new leaks have hinted at the new Sims 4 DLC pack that is supposedly focused on weddings and is termed as "The Sims 4 ‘My Wedding Stories’ DLC".

Let's get into the nitty-gritty of the new Sims 4 DLC pack leak.

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New Sims 4 DLC pack - My Wedding Stories

Earlier we have seen the Sims 4 DLC packs bringing new settings and features like cities, cottage living, islands, and much more than allowed players to explore the different aspects and areas of the game.

Now it seems like the devs have something more interesting planned for the players as a new leak from the Twitter user, Britney Lunar revealed a series of images that are claimed to come from a "dark corner".

The Twitter post read, "The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories. Found them in a very dark corner last night. Happy Anniversary."

New Sims 4 DLC pack - My Wedding Stories Features

The Sims 4 Wedding DLC pack leak also incorporated details regarding the features and elements of the pack, including choosing 'Sims of Honor', planning the wedding, rehearsal, the engagement dinner, and a bachelor/bachelorette party.

The leaked description on the latest Sims 4 DLC pack - My Wedding Stories Features said:

It's time to walk down the aisle with the Sims 4 wedding stories Game Pack*!

Embark on this journey for the day more and plan the perfect ceremony. From the wedding request to the reception, customize every detail to celebrate each Sim's love story in a truly unique way. In the world of Tartosa, anything becomes romantic.


  • Get ready to party - asking the question is just the beginning of your Sim's wedding experience. After saying "yes," the excitement and anxiety takes over. There is so much to plan! Choose Sims of honor to make the wedding experience the most fun possible. Then hold the engagement dinner, rehearsal and make the most of the last night without a spouse.

  • Bring your plans to life - focus on the details of your nuptials. Select the wedding costume of The Sims and everything necessary for the big day: the menu, the decoration, the programming... everything! Visit locations created by community staff as your Sims sample cakes, choose the flowers and adjust the traditions that will make the wedding day more special.

  • Affirm commitment - before the big event, celebrate with the family at a rehearsal dinner. When it's finally time, let the love flow and realize all your wills. Exchange vows, alliances and kisses at the altar before the real celebration begins. Start the ceremony serving tea to the family or go straight to the reception. People at weddings and those who have been invited Can Dance With Us honey, while spouses cut the cake, make speeches and receive congratulations.

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The leak clearly hints at the new Sims 4 area Tartosa, which will allow players to enjoy the romantic atmosphere even more and will allow them to support their Sims connections. Moreover, the connections in the Sims title play a vital role so it won't be surprising to finally see a new Sims 4 DLC pack especially focusing on the Simmers connection.

As mentioned earlier even though it's been a long time since The Sims 4 was released, the popularity is never-ending and clearly, EA has observed the same and keeps the fans engaged with the new DLC pack and new content in the pack.

Since the players are so hooked with the Sims 4 game, it actually saves EA from creating The Sims 4 sequel, that is The Sims 5. Moreover, EA has also mentioned that fans shouldn't expect The Sims 5 release anytime soon as it is a lot farther away than individuals may suspect.

The DLC packs in the Sims series make the game interesting as this new content includes game packs, stuff packs, and kits to buy that have made the Sims 4 the best game in the life simulator genre. The constant release of DLC, enormous measure of customization, and the freedom of creativity and choices have indeed made The Sims 4, fans' top choice.

However, it is just a leak for now and it would be ideal to wait for the official announcement from the developers to know the exact Sims 4 My Wedding Stories DLC release date.

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