Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks reveal a new free weapon, probably a 4-star bow

Genshin Impact 2.7 weapon, probably a 4-star bow coming as a free weapon has been revealed by reliable leakers.

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Genshin 2.7 weapon leaks have hinted at a new free 4-star bow

It is not new for the players to see a new weapon launched with a new character or new update as HoYoverse has been constantly extending both its characters and weapons list since its launch back in 2020. Additionally, some free weapons are also included in the Genshin weapon list that is awarded by HoYoverse at a frequent gap.

With Genshin 2.6 update, fans will see Ayato and a new weapon - Haran Tsukishiro Futsu which is a 5-star weapon specifically designed for Ayato. The Genshin 2.6 update will go live tomorrow, and gamers will get to explore the capabilities of this new weapon along with Ayato.

However, the recent buzz in the community is regarding a new free weapon which will be seen in Genshin Impact 2.7 update. Recently, some fresh Genshin 2.7 leaks were posted by reliable leakers about a new free weapon.

Previous leaks have hinted it to be Yelan's signature weapon who is additionally coming in Genshin 2.7 update as announced by HoYoverse. So, without any further ado, let's head over to the new Genshin Impact 2.7 weapon leaks.

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Genshin 2.7 Leaks New free weapon - Bow

One of Genshin Impact's key features is its unique character design, which has helped the game become such a worldwide hit that continues to expand with each new release.

Developer HoYoverse has established an unusual trend of introducing new characters on the first day of beta, presumably since they would be leaked otherwise. The same can be said for Yelan, who, along with Kuki Shinobu, was recently confirmed as a forthcoming Hydro character.

This article, on the other hand, is about the new Genshin 2.7 weapon, which may or may not be linked to Yelan.

Recently, a known Genshin leaker, Ubatcha shared a new Questionable post on his Twitter account. The leaker states that in Genshin 2.7 update, "The free weapon is a bow, you've seen it before from CBT".

Replying to the same, another notable leaker, Lumie shared an image of a datamined weapon, which is obviously a bow. This new image and tweet have created a buzz in the community and a few speculate that it could be Genshin Yelan's signature weapon, Kirin Bow.

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However, it is likewise possible that it might not be the case as the leaker has simply mentioned a free weapon which would highly be a 4-star weapon.

The image that Lumie has tagged originally came from the 2.5 beta and the leaked name of this upcoming 4 Star weapon is Luoxia. The datamined files have named it "UI_EquipIcon_Bow_Fallensun", so a few know this weapon as Fallensun as well.

The post of Lumie has then been verified by both Ubatcha and Waffel (another known Genshin leaker), so there are high chances that "Fallensun" will be the next free weapon in Genshin 2.7 update.

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Genshin Yelan's signature weapon - Kirin Bow

The mentioned Genshin Kirin Bow has been in rumors since 2.5 beta when dataminers were able to find a file named Bow_Kirin. Back then it was revealed that Bow_Kirin's ascension materials were updated to use Deathly Statuettes and Spectral Nuclei in 2.5 BETA.

Adding to this Lumie also revealed that "Kirin Bow" is actually "Qilin Horn". The leaker additionally gave a brief description and said, "The Qilin are benevolent by nature, and will never harm another soul, save by necessity. (Release date unknown.)"

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Bow_kirin is the file name and Qilin Horn is the name of the weapon and it was revealed that it is a 5-star weapon scheduled to show up in the future update.

According to sources, the Kirin Bow could be Yelan's signature weapon, and it could appear in the weapons banner in the 2.7 release. The exquisite five-star weapon was datamined a long time ago, and legend had it that it was developed specifically for Ganyu.

However, as we know Yelan is another five-star Hydro-bow user, this Kirin Bow or Qilin Horn will most likely be her signature weapon.

With all said, it is to be remembered that the weapon mentioned in Ubatcha's leak might not be the Kirin Bow weapon and could be any new free Genshin 2.7 weapon. Whatever be the case, we do know that a free weapon is planned for Genshin 2.7 update.

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However, the data has come from the leaks that are subjected to change, so, players should wait for the beta or official announcement from HoYoverse to be sure of anything as they can at any time decide to make changes in the main game.


We'll make sure to keep you updated with the latest information regarding Genshin Impact, so keep following. Till then, you can also check the latest Genshin Impact leaks about the upcoming characters:

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