Genshin Impact Scaramouche leak reveals new painting from Irodori Festival

Genshin Impact Scaramouche leak has revealed a new painting of the characters from the upcoming event.

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Genshin Scaramouche Painting from the Magnificent Irodori Festival leaked

In 2021, Genshin Impact was one of the most famous games, with a vast player base that has continued to expand. One of Genshin Impact's main charms is its diverse cast of characters, and continuous additions of new playable characters are undoubtedly among the most anticipated events for the players.

In the Genshin Impact 2.6 Livestream, it was announced that in version 2.6, gamers would gain a new character named Kamisato Ayato, who was previously leaked. In addition, the live video revealed that the future update will include a new map for gamers.

Despite the fact that Ayato is one of the most anticipated characters in the game, many fans were disappointed to learn that another beloved character, Scaramouche, was left out of the announcement. Scaramouche has been a part of the game's tale virtually since the beginning.

Many fans wish to wield Scaramouche's power for themselves as his devious nature makes him difficult to nail down, however, the chances of Scaramouche becoming playable anytime soon are slim.

However, giving new hopes to the fans, we have a new Genshin Scaramouche leak revealing his image which will be seen in an upcoming event in patch 2.6. Without any delay, let's check out the fresh Genshin Impact Scaramouche leaks.

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Genshin Impact Scaramouche

Scaramouche is another Genshin Impact character who stands out enough to be noticed, especially after the 2.6 beta has begun. The wicked member of the Fatui, Scaramouche may have to wait a little longer for his turn as a playable character in Genshin Impact since previous rumors indicate that he won't be available for a bit.

We haven't heard anything new about the next Genshin Impact Scaramouche character in a while, however, because of the recent 2.6 leaks, we now have the latest update on the character.

If we are to believe the leaks, then we will probably see Genshin Impact Scaramouche painting in the Genshin 2.6 Irodori Festival.

Genshin Impact Scaramouche painting leak

A known Genshin leaker, BLANK recently shared a new post on his Twitter account, stating, "Scaramouche Painting from the Magnificent Irodori Festival, but with colours."

Many people questioned the validity of the leak and claimed it to be a fanart after seeing the leaked Scaramouche image on the Genshin subreddit as Scaramouche's painting was colored and the leaker credited an artist called "Calx" for it.

Their concerns, however, were quickly dispelled when the leaker asserted that "It is official... but the artist who made goes by the name Calx.." He further said, "Why would I post a fanart, when I only post leaks. Wait for 2.6 to see who Calx is..."

Now the other part of the leak that has made players take-on on the assumption game is the small mention of "Clax in 2.6." A few are guessing that calx could be a reference to an NPC in the game or something, or it’s an alias for a playable character who is an artist.

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However, coming to the new Genshin Impact Scaramouche leak, in the painting Scaramouche seems like a soft chubby character, and his little smirk has actually caught a lot of fans' attention.

Moreover, since it has been claimed that the Genshin Impact Scaramouche painting has come from the 2.6 Irodori festival, speculations are that he could be a part of the 5th board on the leaked Irodori festival item.

The leaked Genshin Irodori Festival item is called Yashiro Commission Gift and its description reads: "A gift from the Yashiro Commission. It appears to be an exquisitely-made furnishing." Fans were easily able to spot Venti, Kazuha, Ayaka, and a blue character (probably Xingqiu) on the four boards of the item, however, the fifth board was blank.

The 4 characters on the Irodori Festival item have altered outfits and it is been guessed that probably this Scaramouche outfit is also an altered version of his original outfit.

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It is to be noted that only the leaked image has some credibility and the rest are mere speculations for now.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that we have a new Genshin Scaramouche painting, the release date of the character is not scheduled anytime soon.

Genshin Impact Scaramouche release date leak

Earlier, a known Genshin account, SaveYourPrimos posted additional information and archived discussion via Esperance on the release and development progress of Scaramouche. In the post, it was revealed that Scaramouche's completion status isn't that high, and the character is still in development for now.

Moreover, when a user enquired about Scaramouche's model being changed and the big hat with the curtain, Esperance replied:

"Scaramouche is after 3.0, at the earliest (that goes without saying we all know there's only a few new characters left to expect for the 2.x patches), and it's also not confirmed if he will be playable before 4.0. He is a very important character and won't be that early (lol emote)." 

They further added, "I don't have more news for now. As the versions go forward and Scaramouche's status of completion becomes higher, I'll surely say it if I obtain more info, don't worry (if my account gets taken down, I'll be using a new account with the username "Banana")."

Clearly, the mention of the Genshin 4.0 patch suggests that Scaramouche's release is still far away and it is wise to not expect the character's release anytime soon. Moreover, the question on Scaramouche’s model change was completely dodged, yet predictions are, HoYoverse won't change Scaramouche’s model.

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It's because rumors are that his current design already has playability in mind, however, it is just a random prediction. Obviously, many players will be disappointed by Genshin Scaramouche's release dealy, as there are many Scaramouche fans who would like to see the character in the game.

Adding to this, earlier Lumie revealed that Scaramouche will not make a physical appearance in the upcoming update, therefore players will not see Scaramouche in v2.6.

However, this isn't the first time we've heard of Scaramouche being launched in a late 2.x or likely 3.0 update, as back in December 2021, Lumie stated that "He doesn't have anything in the game pointing to him being available any time soon (excels, etc), unlike other characters who have at least skeleton (basic) data in the game."

But, once again, Scaramouche has been the subject of rumors, since a new Scaramouche silhouette has recently appeared, causing many to believe that a playable Scaramouche is on the way.

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Scaramouche's rarity, design, weapon, or vision are all unknown at this time, except that he is a character who has the boy's body type. There are currently no indicators of when fans might expect to see him.

Even said, we could see more Genshin Scaramouche leaks in the future, as he is still a long way from its launch.


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