Hogwarts Legacy State of Play 2022 event announced

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play 2022 event has been announced by Sony, exciting all the Potterheads.

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New Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailer will be showcased at the next PlayStation event

In September 2020, during Sony's State of Play event, Hogwarts Legacy was revealed. It was supposed to be released last year but was postponed because the makers thought the game needed more time. The game was meant to be out in 2022, but current rumors imply that it will be delayed even more.

However, multiple credible sources have confirmed that the game will be launched this year, and also the developers have affirmed that the title will be launched this year since it is still in their plans.

It has been quite some time since we have been hearing the rumors of a new potential Hogwarts Legacy video as it was claimed that a new Hogwarts Legacy clip will be released during the recent PlayStation State of Play March event.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, as the last State of Play only included a few titles from Japanese companies, and Hogwarts Legacy was not among them.

However, the wait is ended, as Hogwarts Legacy, the next Harry Potter role-playing game will have its own State of Play later this week, showcasing the much-awaited Hogwarts Legacy gameplay footage.

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Hogwarts Legacy State of Play 2022 event

Hogwarts Legacy will put a priority on players' choices, allowing players to either use their amazing abilities for the greater good or to succumb to more malevolent and dark impulses. According to speculations, the game would feature a customizable character who discovers an "ancient secret" with the power to destroy the globe.

Although the Hogwarts Legacy announcement trailer confirmed the game's central concept, in which players will experience life as Hogwarts students, the creators have yet to release any official Hogwarts Legacy gameplay footage.

But that is going to change now as now, Playstation has unveiled a new event dedicated solely to Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche Studios' upcoming Harry Potter role-playing game. According to WB Games Avalanche's community manager, Chandler Wood, the event will last about 20 minutes, with 14 minutes of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay footage on PlayStation 5 hardware.

It seems like fans can look forward to the event as Wood added: "This is an incredible moment that we’ve been building towards for a long time. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on."

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In the official PlayStation Blog, the developers wrote:

"Since we first revealed Hogwarts Legacy, the trailer has been viewed over 28 million times on the PlayStation YouTube channel. We promised to share more this year, and we’re finally ready to deliver on that promise.

The show will run for about 20 minutes, featuring over 14 minutes of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay captured on PS5, and concluding with some insight from a few members of the team at Avalanche Software who are bringing the Wizarding World to life."

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play 2022 event date and time

As revealed by the blog post, the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play 2022 event will air on March 17th at:

  • 2 PM PT
  • 5 PM EST
  • 10 PM BST
  • 11 PM CET

Players can head over to the official YouTube channel or the Twitch account of PlayStation to take part in the live event and have a good look at the new Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailer.

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Unless it's confirmed during the program that Sony has obtained timed exclusivity over the game, this is the first State of Play event to focus exclusively on a single third-party game and the first to ever focus on a non-PlayStation console exclusive.

Warner Bros. Games plans to distribute their very first console centric and PC game under the Portkey Games name, motivated by J. K. Rowling's charming and extensive universe, and it's conceivable that the Hog release date will be uncovered during the event, as WB Games also recently reported the Gotham Knights release date, one more of its major 2022 games.

We know that we will be getting a new Hogwarts Legacy gameplay trailer on March 17th, however, for the Hogwarts Legacy release date, we will have to wait for the State of Play event to know for sure.

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