Valorant Agent 20 - abilities, release date, teasers, leaks, more

Valorant Agent 20 will be released in the game soon, and leaks have already revealed a few details about the next Valorant agent.

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Valorant Agent 20 teasers speculated by players

Riot Games received 1.73 million viewers across dozens of streams when the beta edition of their free-to-play first-person shooter video game, Valorant was originally released in 2020. Since then, it has continued to grow in popularity, with Riot Games regularly releasing new content.

It is presently in its third year since its inception in 2019. Valorant came with four maps and ten Agents in the beta edition and due to its enormous success, it now has eighteen Agents and seven maps by 2022, with sparkling duelist Neon serving as the last Valorant Agent 18.

Players have become acclimated to the effects of Valorant Agent 18 Neon and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next Valorant Agent. There are a lot of rumors concerning Valorant Agent 20, and thanks to the regular leaks, gamers were able to gain an idea of the next Valo agent.

We have a better idea of who this forthcoming agent 20 might be and how this new agent will alter the current agent meta thanks to Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 battle pass player cards and in-game clues.

Let's directly head over to the details about this upcoming Valorant Agent 20, including its abilities, release date, teasers, more.

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Valorant Agent 20

Riot is starting to return to normal with Episode 4 Act 3, after Episode 4 Act 2, which was the first major Valorant update without a new Agent.

Although some gamers are hinting at a mysterious character who starred in Jett's Can't Slow Me Down song video, Valorant Agent 20 remains a mystery.

The lore of the Valorant game has taken an unexpected turn; with deadly threats and warnings, a whole new character has entered the fray. The possible Valo Agent 20 knows everything that is there is to know about Valorant agents and is more than eager to reveal the protocol's personal details.

The mysterious figure has left numerous clues throughout the Valorant map which are both instructive and disturbing. What they desire is unknown, but Viper wants them on the squad and it is possible that Valorant agent 20 could be this evil guy.

Valorant Agent 20 release date

Valorant Agent 18 will join the current lineup with Episode 4 Act 3, according to Riot Games, but the precise dates have not been released as of writing.

Ignoring any delays, April 26, 2022, will be the possible Valorant Agent 20 release date as Episode 4 Act 3 also releases then. This release date is can be deduced from the fact that Riot Games has always been consistent with new content for this game and the Episode 4 Act 2 battle ends on that same date.

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Valorant Agent 20 teasers

The mysterious figure has left numerous clues throughout the Valorant map which are both instructive and disturbing. What they desire is unknown, but Viper wants them on the squad.

The dev team has made it a routine to tease new agents in the seasonal battle passes now. As a result, it is easy for the players to have an idea of upcoming events as we won't have to seek somewhere else to see who will be added to the existing roster.

The major hint we got for the next agent, that is Valorant agent 20 is from the two-player cards in the current battle pass that appear to be questionable.

The first player card has an eye dubbed "Silence" that seemed like an agent teaser and was then confirmed in the game, but the second player card shows a character who isn't Reyna and who isn't carrying a Vandal.

Valorant Agent 20 teaser - Players Card 1 details

Red dossiers have been strewn around the maps by an unknown figure, threatening each spy. The signature eye is imprinted on these cards.

The eye card could be explained by Viper's audio message to Brimstone. The forthcoming Valorant Agent 20, she claims, will assist in gathering more information because the roster requires "more eyes", implying Valorant Agent 20 will most likely be an Initiator as a result of this.

This enigmatic figure has amassed a database on every Valorant agent's personal and professional life and is hitting all sensitive locations to violate the protocol, as evidenced by the Omen and Viper cards.

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Furthermore, letters from this unknown entity have appeared in Brimstone's office in the VALORANT's training range, threatening Brimstone with each member's private details from the VALORANT protocol. Moreover, if Brimstone is unable to clear his name, the information will be released to the public.

Brimstone dispatches an attack squad consisting of Sova, Neon, Chamber, Breach, Cypher, and Kay/0 to deal with the threat posed by this unnamed hacker. The specifics regarding the mission in the training range can be viewed on Breach's board, however, the expedition did not meet their expectations, and they were unable to determine who this enigmatic figure was.

Viper informed Brimstone that the protocol couldn't depend on Sova and Cypher in their communication. This unidentified individual is impossible to locate but possesses all of the Valorant protocol's sensitive information. This implies they're far superior to the other Spy characters in the game when it comes to obtaining information.

The unidentified hacker contacted Brimstone again, after the mission failed, to warn him not to push their patience too far. Later, the hacker warns to reveal personal information about current VALORANT protocol members, suggesting that this is only the starting.

However, personal information on VALORANT agents can later be found strewn across the maps.

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This was everything from the current battle pass player cards, but gamers should anticipate Riot to release a genuine teaser for Valorant's next agent, Agent 20, in the coming future.

Valorant Agent 20 abilities

As per all the info revealed so far about the future agent, the next Valorant agent 20 may be capable of hacking. According to Cypher, this undisclosed agent's hacking talents are top-notch. For a limited time, expect this new agent to hack the abilities of other agents. That will undoubtedly have an impact on the current meta.

Moreover, on Brimstone's map and Killjoy's Nano Swarms, the new Valorant home screen adds an additional exclamation mark. The same eye appears again, implying that their kits have been hacked, hinting more at Valorant Agent 20 abilities.

Valorant Agent 20 nationality

We may have a clue about the country of the forthcoming agent 20 nationality thanks to Cypher. The attacker is from Turkey, as per Cypher's breakthrough with the encrypted messages delivered by the unidentified hacker.

Although this doesn't verify the new agent's nationality, it does give us a strong clue that Agent 20 will be Turkish.

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These were all the latest information about the upcoming Valorant Agent 20, including his possible abilities, teaser, and more.

Only the teasers of Valorant Agent 20 are known to the players and there isn't any sign of what the character's true name will be, or his in-game abilities, however, there are high chances that the character will exactly be like the referenced by the characters in the game.

Moreover, Brimstone isn't fond of this enigmatic agent, but Viper is fascinated and given their disdain for the protocol, it'll be interesting to watch how Viper persuades them to allow Agent 20 to join the roster.

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