Pokemon Go Community Day Classic 2022 - Mudkip, rewards, moves, research, more

Pokemon Go Community Day Classic for April 2022 has been announced by Niantic, giving fans an extra opportunity to grab some additional Pokemon along with Stufful.

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Pokemon Go Community Day Classic in April 2022

It hasn't been long since Niantic affirmed its plan for the upcoming Pokemon April Community Day 2022. The next Pokemon Go Community Day main event, according to Niantic, will begin on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022. The April 2022 Community Day schedule will run from 2 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time.

Stufful, a Normal/Fighting-type Pokemon, will be highlighted in April Community Day 2022, and trainers who are lucky enough may encounter a Shiny Stufful.

However, now Niantic is introducing a Pokemon Go Community Day Classic event for the month of April featuring additional headliner Pokemon in addition to the typical Pokemon Go Community Day event.

Players will be able to acquire some exclusive Special Research stories, exclusive attacks, and incentives like 3x Catch XP, similar to the typical Community Day event.

So let's get into the details of this upcoming Pokemon April Community Day Classic 2022 event schedule, its featured Pokemon, rewards, and more.

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Pokemon Go Community Day Classic April 2022 Schedule

As affirmed by Niantic, the next Pokemon Go Community Day main event will begin on Sunday, 10th of April 2022. And this April 2022 Community Day Classic event will take between 2 AM to 5 PM local time.

More details for the April 2022 Pokemon Go Community Day Classic have been reported on the official Pokemon Go page, so players can check out the details here.

Pokemon Go Community Day Classic April 2022 - Mudkip

Mudkip, a Water-type Pokemon will be featured in the Community Day Classic April 2022, and if trainers are lucky enough, they may encounter a Shiny Mudkip.

Pokemon Duskull Community Day 2022 - Shiny Mudkip Catch Rate

Shiny Pokemon are the most uncommon structure in the game including the Shiny Mudkip, and numerous trainers have credited Community Days for their affective experiences. The catch rates for Headliner Pokemon are expanded for this new Pokemon April Community Day Classic 2022 event.

This implies that the rates for Shiny variants including Shiny Mudkip seem to be expanded too. Perhaps this time, trainers will be able to get a Shiny Mudkip as a component of the event.

There's additionally a 3x Catch XP as a reward, so ensure you're snatching the most that you can.

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Instructions to get ready for Pokemon Go April 2022 Community Day Classic

Let's get to know a couple of things you can do to get ready for the Community Day Pokemon Go April 2022.

  • At the minimum, spend your Pokecoins on two Incense.
  • Carry plenty of Poke Balls with you to grab lots of Pokemon.
  • If you have any Lures save them as they have the capacity to go on for three hours.
  • Keep storage in your Pokemon Storage.
  • Buy a ticket from the Shop to open Community Day's Special Research.

Pokemon Go April Community Day 2022 Rewards

As affirmed by Niantic in the official blog post, the following are the guaranteed Pokemon Go Mudkip Community Day rewards:

  • Lure Modules activated during the event will keep going for 3 hrs
  • Incense enacted during the event will keep going for 3 hrs
  • Take a few snapshots - a special surprise
  • 3x Catch XP

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Swampert Charged Attack Hydro Cannon

Mudkip’s Evolution is Marshtomp which then evolves into Swampert, so on the off chance that the trainers encounter Marshtomp's Evolution - Swampert, the ‘mon will gain access to the Charged Attack Hydro Cannon, which will be available even after the event as affirmed by Niantic in a blog entry on 28 March 2022.

Players will likewise have two hours after the event to finish the Marshtomp evolution as well (which will cost 100 Marshtomp Candy), which means on the off chance that trainers miss doing it during the Pokemon Go Community Day April 2022, they will have an additional opportunity to unlock the Swampert exclusive move.

The exclusive move for Swampert - Hydro Cannon will permit Swampert to attack the opposing Pokemon having 80 power on Trainer Battles and 90 power in Gyms and raids.

Pokemon Community Day Classic April 2022 - Mudkip Community Day Classic Research Story

Players will get a Community Day Classic Special Research Story, Mudkip Community Day Classic in Pokemon Go. Trainers have the option to access the Mudkip Community Day-exclusive Special Research story for US$1.

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Pokemon Mudkip Community Day 2022 Box

Accessible to purchase for 850 PokeCoins, there will be a unique Community Day Box including the accompanying:

  • 15 Ultra Balls
  • 15 Pinap Berries
  • 1 Elite Fast TM
  • 1 Remote Raid Pass
  • A bundle containing 15 Ultra Balls (available in the shop for free)

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