Apex Legends Newcastle - Season 13 legend, leaks, abilities, more

Apex Legends Newcastle is going to be the next Apex Season 13 Legend as hinted by some prominent leakers.

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Apex Legends Season 13 legend - Newcastle leaks

Apex Season 12 will end in a few days, but players have already begun looking forward to Apex Legends Season 13, which will include a battle pass, a new Season 13 map, and, of course, the next Apex Legends Season 13 legend.

We have received a major leak on nine unreleased Apex Legends legends that will be joining us in future seasons. According to a credible dataminer, Shrugtal, the forthcoming Apex Legends Season 13 legend that was included in the unreleased legends leak, might be Newcastle.

Newcastle is a new character that has been uncovered during Season 12 of Apex Legends, and it has piqued the interest of players. The suspicions began when players noticed Apex Legends Newcastle in the recently released Season 13 teasers, presumably hinting at Newcastle's destiny as an Apex Season 13 Legend.

Despite the fact that we are uninformed of Newcastle's past, we have enough information about the likely Season 13 Legend, Newcastle, thanks to leaks and teasers. Let's get into the details of the same.

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Apex Season 13 Legend - Newcastle

Newcastle is a possible Defensive Legend who could appear in Apex Legends Season 13 and given the fact that the players know little about him, there are numerous theories circulating that he may have ties to Bangalore.

Players are guessing that Newcastle is a well-known figure because the Season 13 teaser banner that was released on April 7th reads, "The wait is now over, he's here," implying that he's a well-known figure in the Titanfall universe or is a famous personality in the Outlands.

Apex Season 13 Legend Newcastle leaks

Apex Legends gamers are getting their first glimpses of Season 13's Legend, as well as teasers for Storm Point map modifications. A new banner has appeared on the loading screens during Control matches as of April 7.

Earlier, Thordan Smash, a known leaker talked about the new Apex Season 13 legend in his YouTube video suggesting that Blisk will be the next legend in Season 13. He stated, "Blisk has a 90% chance of being the next legend in the game. However, he additionally mentioned that "there's always room for error and there's always a chance that we end up getting a legend that is sort of like filler."

And the latter is the case, as Newcastle, an unreleased Legend who was just leaked along with eight other characters, is supposed to be the silhouette depicted in the Apex Legends Season 13 teaser.

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Players already have an idea that Newcastle has an IMC background, similar to Bangalore, because his clothing has the IMC logo on it, thanks to the leaks. This indicates that he was most likely a part of the Frontier Wars, the major conflict in the Titanfall games.

Newcastle's skin for the next season 13 battle pass, event, and default epic skins have also been discovered by dataminers, therefore it's reasonable to assume he'll be the next legend to join Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 13 Legend - Newcastle abilities

Along with the 9 unreleased legends, their abilities were also revealed. Hence, we are already aware of Apex Season 13 Newcastle's abilities.

With all the leaked data, Newcastle seems to be another Support Legend who excels at shielding teammates and keeping them safe after they've been knocked down.

  • Newcastle's Passive - Retrieve The Wounded

Drag downed allies as you revive and protect them with your Revive Shield.

  • Newcastle's Tactical - Mobile Shield

Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield.

  • Newcastle's Ultimate - Castle Wall

Leap and slam to a target ally or area and create a fortified stronghold.

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Newcastle's abilities are all about cover and defensive play, as you can see. His Ultimate ability, which could be used to leap and slam on an opponent, presumably doing damage while also providing a mobile base for your squad to survive, is the only aspect of his kit that is somewhat aggressive.

However, you can't be so sure on anything as Respawn Entertainment is yet to formally announce and reveal the Legend. Yet it is possible that Apex Legends Season 13 legend could be Newcastle, and if the leaked abilities are anything like his official kit, he has the potential to completely change the Gibraltar meta.

Apex Legends Season 13 teasers

The April 7th brought new Season 13 teasers to the game, as revealed by reliable dataminers Shrugtal and HYPERMYST.

As expected, the first of the Apex Legends Season 13 character teasers has appeared in the game. On the map, a banner that appeared in prior leaks may now be found.

The first teaser banner reads "The wait is over, he's here" and a shadow of the now-leaked Legend Newcastle is placed next to this remark.

Players should walk over to Storm Point's Command Center and check out the screens, as a number of teasers are expected to emerge on April 13, 15, 17, and 19, according to Shrugtal.

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A group of drones will arrive around Barometer on Storm Point, Hammond Labs on Olympus, and Caustic's Town Takeover on Kings Canyon, according to leaks. These drones will be carrying a series of Apex Legends promo banners that contain information about the forthcoming season.

For the time being, we don't know what Respawn has planned for the monitors, but it's worth paying a visit to that site during those times to find out.

These were all the information about the Apex Legends Newcastle, the Season 13 Legend. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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