Genshin Impact Collei release date hinted by new leaks

Genshin Impact Collei release date is coming closer, and leaks are revealing new info about its development status.

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Genshin Impact Collei's development status hints at her release date

With each new update, new Genshin Impact characters appear and HoYoverse has no plans of stopping the process as Kamisato Ayato, the most recent sword user was added to the game with version 2.6. Along with Ayato, we have Yelan and Kuki Shinobu scheduled for Genshin 2.7 version.

Despite the fact that Yelan and Kuki Shinobu are some of the most anticipated characters in the game, many fans are waiting to hear some news about a few unreleased characters, who have been datamined a bit but are yet not playable in the game.

A fresh Genshin Impact leak has provided further details about Collei, a popular unreleased character. She is featured in the game's official manga, and players are eagerly anticipating her arrival.

Collei's parents entrusted her to a Fatui scientist named Barnabas, who wanted to turn Collei into a test subject for his gruesome experiments. Collei, on the other hand, eventually worked out how to break free from Fatui's grasp, and now she wanders aimlessly across Teyvat.

According to a recent leak discussing future Genshin Impact Dendro characters, Collei will be the upcoming Dendro character. Furthermore, we now have new information on Collei's development status, which adds to the string of Collei leaks.

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Genshin Impact Collei

Collei is another Genshin Impact character who stands out enough to be noticed, especially after the 2.7 beta has begun. One of the primary characters from the Genshin Impact manga, Collei will not have to wait for long for her turn as a playable character in Genshin Impact since recent rumors indicate that she will be released soon.

We haven't heard anything new about the next Genshin Impact Collei character in a while, however, because of the recent 2.7 beta leaks, we now have the latest update on the character.

The popular Genshin Impact leakers - Uncle Y and SYP Discord, gave us a sneak peek at what we might expect in a future update.

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Genshin Impact Collei release date leak

Recently, a known Genshin account, SaveYourPrimos posted additional information and archived discussion via Uncle Y on the release and development progress of Collei.

In the latest post on the SYP Discord, it was revealed that Collei's completion status is quite well, and her skills are done and are still being tested.

Other than the recent Collei leak, previously it was revealed that Collei will be the upcoming Dendro character. As per the leaked data, Collei will have the Dendro vision and will probably be a bow user.

Ubatcha, a reliable Genshin Impact leaker, believes that Collei will appear in version 3.0. Sumeru, a fresh new significant area, will most likely be introduced in this update.

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The leaker further revealed that Genshin 3.0 update will bring 2 bow character kits and 1 sword kit. Moreover, with reference to the much-awaited Dendro Archon, it has been claimed that the Dendro Archon character is planned for Genshin 3.1 update.

A new Genshin Impact Archon - Lesser Lord Kusanali, often known as the God of Wisdom will be released alongside the new Sumeru region, according to the same leaker.

Collei was certainly not expected to be a Dendro character, but seeing the possibility of her being a Dendro character has definitely excited the fans a lot. If we go by the leaked data, then August 3, 2022, will most likely be Genshin Impact Collei release date which is the calculated Genshin 3.0 update release date.

Other Genshin Collie leaks claimed that she will be introduced as a playable character in the game at some point, and the leakers were additionally able to datamine Collie's Elemental Burst gadget.

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Fans are having high hopes for Collei's appearance in the game, with some suggesting that "Collei may appear physically in 2.8 but may not be released until 3.0 (a la Yelan)?" It has been suggested that if HoYoverse has so much of her kit ready already, they may decide it's a good idea to dangle her in front of people before we can get the real deal.

Another Genshin player wrote, " We’ll probably get Collei drip marketing at the beginning of 2.8, so it’s possible."

Talking about Collei's vision, @SaveYourPrimos wrote: "Nothing indicates Collei has or will receive a Vision. The data associated an "Elemental Burst Gadget" with her. Other playable characters w/o Visions include the Archons, the Traveler, and Dainsleif (assumed)."

They further speculated that Collei will probably be able to learn how to get her sealed Archon Residue powers under control, and she may not need a Vision at all as she was a subject of Archon Residue research and has already been shown to have strong powers associated with the experimentation (without a Vision).

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However, Collei's rarity, design, weapon, or vision are all unknown at this time, except that Collei is a Webtoon-only chronically ill character.

Even said, we could see more Genshin Collei leaks in the future, as she is still a long way from its launch.


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