Genshin Impact Dendro reactions and effects revealed by new 3.0 leaks

Genshin Impact Dendro leaks have revealed new details on the elemental reactions and their effects on different characters.

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Genshin Impact Dendro reactions names revealed

Genshin Impact, the action role-playing game, developed by miHoYo, was published first in 2020 and has since then continued to dominate the gaming landscape as one of the most popular and genuinely enjoyable games.

And Genshin Impact has kept this reputation up because they have continually pumped new and exciting content out for the community to enjoy. But despite this, and the fact that it has almost been 2 years since its release, they have not yet released a Dendro character.

Genshin Impact Dendro is the seventh and rarest element on Teyvat in the game. Now there are enemies that are aligned to this element, but it is still surprising that there hasn’t been a Dendro character yet. And the enemies of Dendro have been in the game for a long time. But at least now, there is no information on the release of Genshin Impact Dendro characters like Yaoyao or Baizhu.

However, now leaks have revealed some new details on Genshin Impact Dendro elemental reactions. Read on the details below.

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Genshin Impact Dendro reaction leaks

If we take leaks to be our source of information, then it is in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update that the Dendro Archon called Sumeru will be released. The excitement around this update soars high among players around the world and they have come to have lofty expectations from the developers for the new Dendro characters to be released.

And also, we will be discussing here how the Genshin Impact element Dendro will react with other elements like Hydro and Electro.

The Dendro element in Genshin Impact will only react will Hydro, Electro, and Pyro.

Recently, a known Genshin leaker, Genshin Intel posted some new info on their Twitter account, revealing that the Genshin Impact Dendro element will not react with Geo, Anemo, and Cryo. He additionally revealed how these elements will react with other elements.

Genshin Impact Dendro reaction effects

At the time of writing this post, the only Genshin Impact Dendro reaction that is available is Burning. And as you can probably already tell from the name itself, the Burning reaction delivers extra Pyro DMG over a period of time.

But now, some leaks have come out recently in the online gaming community and the sources of these leaks are reliable and trustworthy. These leaks reveal two more Genshin Impact Dendro reactions in the game.

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The tentative names of these Genshin Dendro reactions are Intensified and Overgrown. You can find below a brief summary of what each of these reactions does.

  • Genshin Impact Dendro Intensified

This is where the encounter between Electro and Dendro comes into play. An intensified reaction occurs when Dendro comes face to face with Electro.

The Genshin intensified reaction drops one Electro particle. And at the same time, it increases the Electro and Dendro DMG against the enemy you are targeting for a total of seven seconds.

  • Genshin Impact Dendro Overgrown

This is the encounter between Hydro and Dendro elements. An Overgrown reaction will take place when Hydro and Dendro elements come in contact with each other.

The Overgrown reaction drops seeds that soon become mushrooms. And these mushrooms are very much explosive in their nature. Now, at the moment of Hydro application, these guys will explode and deliver Area of Effect (AoE) Dendro DMG.

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In the above tweet by Genshin Intel, you can see the main and salient features of each of the Intensified and Overgrown reactions listed out. At the end of the tweet, you can also see the elements with which the Dendro element does not react.

At least at the moment, the elements that can't react with Genshin Dendro are Cryo, Anemo, and Geo. And if you are disappointed after hearing this news, well, you are not alone.

For those who are familiar which this title, it is clear that the soon-to-be-released reactions are not going to be as straightforward as the reactions that we are accustomed to are. For example, the Freeze, Melt and Vaporize reactions are simple and easy in their application.

The leaker from whom we got this information does not have any info on the scaling, priorities, viability, or the Genshin Impact Dendro release date.

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Possibility of Electro getting an indirect buff with Genshin Impact Dendro release

The Electro element is considered to be weak, even after the release of Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko. Its reactions with Hydro, Cyro, and Pyro are not top-notch. But maybe, with Dendro’s release, players will be able to pair Electro characters with Genshin Impact Dendro characters to make diverse teams.

Many hope that miHoYo will also release new reactions with Cryo and Geo. But still, more say that it won’t make sense if ice, rock, and wind make friends with grass. And so it is better not to mix the two elements that do not gel by their very nature.

Genshin Impact Dendro character release date leak

Other than the Dendro elemental reactions, leaks have also revealed the Dendro characters that will be seen in the game soon.

Earlier, a leak talking about the future Genshin Impact Dendro characters was posted on the WFP channel that originally come from Uncle Pigeon. It was suggested that a popular unreleased Genshin character, Collei will be the upcoming Dendro character.

The leaker further revealed that Genshin 3.0 update will bring 2 bow character kits and 1 sword kit. Moreover, with reference to the much-awaited Dendro Archon, it has been claimed that the Dendro Archon character is planned for Genshin 3.1 update.

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However, these are mere leaks for now and are clearly subject to change.

But whatever the case may be, we will soon see what the developers have up their sleeve in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. So, it would be ideal to wait for the official words from the developers.


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