How to Complete Latenna's Questline - Elden Ring

How to Complete Latenna's Questline in Elden Ring.

How to Complete Latenna's Questline ,  How to Complete Latenna's Questline Elden Ring, Elden Ring  How to Complete Latenna's Questline
 How to Complete Latenna's Questline

Elden Ring: Starting and finishing Latenna’s questline

Elden Ring has soared to heights among gamers around the world. In fact, it has become FromSoftware’s biggest success ever. And players are hooked on this game. Traveling between Atlus, Liurnia, Limgrave, and other mystical regions of the Lands Between, players are undertaking thrilling quests, fighting with bosses, digging up mysteries, and powering up their Tarnished. Some of the players haven’t even been able to complete the game for the first time yet, it’s so huge.

Now with the number of questlines you get to choose from here, you can often be at a loss to make the correct decision, especially as a newbie. And that makes missing out on several key quests and components, like NPC. One such NPC is Latenna. On this quest, you pick several interesting tidbits. And this guide will show you exactly how to do that.

Starting Latenna’s Questline

First, haul your character to the Village of Albinaurics in Liurna of the Lakes. Walk further into the village from the Site of Lost Grace. Your normal path would take you to the bridge on the left. But instead of that, go on straight, past the Perfumer into a small recess with a pot, and some graves close by. Strike that pot and out comes the first relevant NPC, Albus. He’ll hand over the first half of the Haligtree Medallion, to be delivered to Latenna.

Now go back to Roundtable Hold and fight Ensha, the guard situated outside of Gideon’s room before. After you beat Ensha, talk to Gideon. He will tell you Latenna’s location, which is in a cave west of Laskyar Ruins. The cave is the Lakeside Crystal Cave. Go into the cave, and beat the Bloodhound Knight boss, which will open up the passageway to the Slumbering Wolf’s Shack.

Latenna’s location

At this Slumbering Wolf’s Shack, you will come face-to-face with Latenna. She will talk with you and give you a task. According to her, the act of Albus giving the player the medallion shows Albus’s trust in them. Now she will ask you to take her to Haligtree where she promises to give you the second half of the medallion. Latenna converts into a Spirit Ash Summon when her dialogue options are exhausted. You have to collect this.

The next part of the questline will happen after The Mountaintop of Giants zone becomes unlocked. For this, you need to move through Leyndell, The Royal Capital. As you go through the zone’s northern region, Latenna will speak to you. She will tell you that you will have to journey to Castle Sol in order to get to the Haligtree to retrieve the medallion’s second half.

Obtaining the Medallion at Castle Sol

Journey to Castle Sol, which lies in the region’s northern part. Rest at the Site of Grace at the entrance, because this next part will take a toll on the player. Keep walking until you get to the next Site of Grace. Now go left, then left once more, and walk until you get to a staircase. Climb up, and keep to the left path until the boss room comes up. Now you will have to fight Commander Niall and two knights. Keep your focus on the dual sword-wielding knight first. He is more aggressive than the other shielded one. Once you are done with them, Commander Niall is easy to take care of. Beat him and go to the top of the tower and get the medallion’s second half.

Finishing Latenna’s questline

Get back immediately to the Grand Lift of Rold now that you have acquired both the medallion halves. Here, select the “Hoist Secret Medallion” option, not the “Hoist Medallion” one. The way to the Consecrated Snowfield will become visible. Once in this region, get to the Apostate Derelict in the area’s northwest zone. Interact with the big woman to call Latenna and finish the questline. You get the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithin Stone as a reward for completing the questline. This reward is an especially useful upgrade component if you want to increase special weapons to +10.

And that is how you get to Latenna and complete her questline.

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